Israel Should Stop Ṗẝiẕḗr and Start l\/ḗrmḗctin Distribution

Israel Should Stop Pfizer and Start Ivermectin Distribution

by Jeffrey Dach MD

I bring your attention to a recent letter published in PNAS by Emanuel Goldman, Dept of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers. Goldman, How the Unvaccinated Threaten the vaccinated. (5)

The Un\/accinated are a threat to the \/accinated ?

In this letter, the esteemed Dr. Goldman makes a number of false assertions and cleverly deceptive omissions to make the argument that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. According to Dr. Goldman, unvaccinated people are a “breeding ground” for mutant variants and are therefore a threat to the vaccinated. You might have guessed Dr Goldman’s solution to this problem: The government should institute draconian measures to achieve 100% vaccine compliance with vaccine mandates. Of course, there is nothing like a totalitarian government to save us from ourselves. Exactly why Dr Goldman is so enamored with totalitarian enslavement is well known in psychology as the “Stockholm Syndrome”. One wonders what Dr. Goldman has in store for us next, forced sterilization of the unfit mandated by the State, also called Eugenics ?

Darwinian Evolution Turned Upside Down

Charlies Darwin might not be pleased with Dr Goldman’s use of his teachings. In reality, Goldman’s argument is the exact opposite of Darwin’s teachings.

Antibiotics Create Super Bugs, Vaccines create Super Viruses

The well known medical example of “Darwinian Evolution” is selection pressure produced by antibiotics creating antibiotic resistant superbugs such as MERSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus). Farmers are familiar with their version of selection pressure when they over use weed killer chemicals on their crops. The next year, farmers discover they have created resistant super weeds immune to the weed killer chemicals.

Dr. Goldman has turned the tables on this argument. Up is down and down is up. Black is white and white is black. His argument in the vaccinated is the reverse of Darwin’s teachings, analogous to arguing that normal healthy people not using antibiotics are a threat to antibiotic users because healthy people, not using antibiotics are magically creating the super bug variants.

Likewise for the farmer’s example, Dr. Goldman’s argument turns that one on its head as well. The next farm over, with pristine acres of corn and soybean fields, not treated with massive doses of weed killers are somehow magically creating the weed killer resistant super weeds, not the next door farm which uses massive doses of weed killers on the crops.

This Argument is Complete Rubbish

Of course, it is clear for all to see that Dr Goldman’s argument is complete rubbish. This is so far off from real science as to be nonsensical. In reality, vaccines produce selection pressure on viruses causing evolution of mutant viral strains, similar to the selection pressure induced by antibiotics on bacteria.(58) This is especially true for RNA viruses such as CO\/lD, influenza, RSV, Dengue etc. which naturally have a very high mutation rate.

Michiel Niesen Study

This is confirmed by Michiel Niesen et al (2021) who did COVID virus whole genome sequencing in vaccinated “breakthrough” infections as well as unvaccinated infections confirming a striking reduction in diversity in the virus variations in the vaccinated patients. In other words, in the vaccinated, the vaccine is producing selection pressure creating a narrow range of vaccine resistant variants which then cause breakthrough infections. While in the un-vaccinated patients, more diversity in variants was found indicating lack of selection pressure.(7)

The Rubbish Gets Worse

Intertwined with all the fake science about how vaccines prevent vaccine resistant variants, rather than create them, Dr Goldman manages to give us a glimmer of truth in his piece, informing us those who have contracted and recovered from Covid are now immune to the virus, “therefore be the equivalent of vaccinated“.

I would add here that Dr. Goldman is neglecting to mention recent studies showing vaccine immunity wanes after six months or so, reducing efficacy against the new Delta strain to 40-60 per cent range. Israel’s Health Ministry reports Pfizer vaccine is only 39% effective for Delta Variant. (7/23/21 CNBC) (8)

These revelations prompted the booster shot program already given to millions in Israel. In Australia, Dr Kerry Chant has informed the population to get used to repeated booster shots ad infinitum. Here in the US, the FDA was not convinced the data (or lack thereof) supported Boosters for everyone, restricting them to the over 65 population.  The need for repeated boosters is an admission of vaccine failure.

Update Jan 30, 2022: The FDA and CDC has since released boosters to all ages, essentially, anyone who wants one.

A study by Gazit in Israel quoted in Bloomberg News August 27, 2021, compares immunity in the unvaccinated (Covid recovered) to the vaccine showing superior and more durable immunity in the Covid Recovered compared to the vaccinated.(12) This means that for the Delta Variant, natural immunity in the Covid recovered is far superior (not merely equivalent) to the vaccine induced immunity.

Here is a quote from the esteemed Dr Goldman’s piece:

“The unvaccinated will either get sick and survive, and therefore be the equivalent of vaccinated, or they will die and therefore be removed as breeding grounds for the virus….Vaccinations offer a much more humane response to prevent spread of this disease. The path forward is in the hands of the unvaccinated, and in the political will of the authorities…in 1665, during the Black Death plague, “to prevent the disease spreading, a victim was locked in their house with their entire family, condemning them all to death” End Quote Dr Goldman (5)

Four Convenient Omissions

The tip off we are dealing with science fiction is the comparison of COVID with the Black Death Plague of 1665, also known as Bubonic plague caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which is treatable in modern times with antibiotics, flouroquinolones and aminoglycosides. In 1665, Bubonic plague carried a high mortality rate (near 100% untreated), in modern times curable with antibiotics. This is nowhere near the infection mortality rate (IFR) for Covid which is based on age. Youngest age groups have such a small risk as to be statistically near zero.

Dr. Goldman conveniently omits four important things.

1) Covid mortality rate for people under age 50, the IFR infection fatality rate is .005 (CDC data) meaning a 99.5% survival rate, not the greater than 90% mortality of the Bubonic Plague (Black Death). Of course, for Children aged 0-19, these young people have an infinitesimally small IFR of 0.00003, (99.997% survival CDC data), which means statistically speaking, they are at no risk from COVID, and develop robust immunity to the virus very promptly, similar to immunity conferred by other childhood viruses. No mention of children in Dr Goldman’s piece.

2) The second thing omitted is that we now have modern medicine with its many anti-viral drugs such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Anti-inflammatory drugs, and anti-thrombotic drugs all used for Early Treatment of Covid-19, resulting in a 80-90 per cent reduction in hospitalization and mortality from COVID infection. (13)

Left Image Fig. 2 from (Procter et al 2021) Comparative results for Death and for Hospitalization (i.e. Early Ambulatory Treatment vs Hospitalization based on Cleveland Clinic Risk Calculator for 4 county area surrounding clinic. (13)

Vitamin D and Zinc deficiencies are known risk factors for severe outcomes from Covid. Supplementing with Vitamin D3, Zinc and Quercetin (a zinc ionophore) is a public health measure of immense benefit, never mentioned by Dr Goldman. (27-43)

Early Treatment Protocols converts the viral infection into a much lower infection fatality rate of .0005 ( 99.95% survival) for the under 50. For the Elderly, Early treatment is equally beneficial although this group remains at higher risk because of underlying medical conditions.

3) The third thing omitted from Dr Goldman’s erudite piece is the risk of severe adverse effects from the vaccines, a point made by Dr Bart Classen who points out that data submitted to the FDA by the vaccine makers shows the vaccine demonstrated marked increased morbidity compared to the placebo group. (1) When one calculates the risks vs. benefits of the vaccines, the risks easily outweigh any demonstrable benefit, especially when considers the availability of “Early Treatment” as promoted by Pierre Kory, Paul Marek and Peter McCullough MDs. (13)(20) (44-45) (51-53)

Unless, of course, the authorities use illegally obtained totalitarian powers to ban the use of early treatment drugs such as HCQ and IVM. To the extent this has been done, these are criminal acts of malfeasance which will be held accountable and brought to scales of justice.

Leaky Vaccines with Reduced Efficacy and Increasing Adverse Effects

The Fourth thing of course is the vaccine is “leaky” meaning the vaccine does not prevent infection and transmission of the virus in the vaccinated. Israeli data shows even though 80% of the population has been vaccinated, the highest case rate ever has been achieved. Does this sound like the vaccine is working? At this same time, Israeli government data is showing 60% of hospitalized Covid patients are fully vaccinated. (46-47)

US CDC data shows thousands of vaccinated people have been hospitalized and about 20% of those hospitalized have died from COVID. (48)

Vaers Data so far to date this year shows about 14,000 deaths reported, 80% of which occur in the first week after the vaccine. (44-45) Of course, the vaccine manufacturers have no liability for any of these injuries, having been granted immunity (no pun intended) by an act of Congress in 1986.

Perhaps Dr. Goldman should re-read the many studies now available showing fully vaccinated people becoming symptomatic with COVID infection requiring hospitalization and dying in spite of the vaccine. Viral Loads in vaccinated people with break through infections are equal to or greater than the pre-vaccine era as reported by Dr Chau in Lancet 2021. (Chau, 2021)(49)

If the vaccine had the same or less morbidity and mortality as other common vaccines (150 deaths annually), and had an efficacy rate of greater than 70%, then I myself would stand in line for the jab. Unfortunately these criteria have not been met.

The VAERS reporting system reveals an alarming increase in mortality, and vaccine injuries since Covid vaccine roll out in January 2021 which could very well exceed 15,000 dead by the end of the year. Compare this to the usual annual reported death count of under 200. See left image from McLaughlin (2021) with dramatic increase in reported deaths in 2021.(44) After reviewing the Yellow Card Data up to May 26, 2021 in the UK (similar to our VAERS) Dr. Tess Laurie concludes in June 2021 the vaccines are unsafe for human use:

“The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans.” end quote, Dr. Tess Lawrie (MBBCh, PhD), Director, Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy , UK (45)

Draconian vaccine mandates are not the answer to the Covid 19 problem as Dr Goldman suggests. The obvious solution which has been quite successful in many countries around the world is Ivermectin distribution, as we will see below.

Calling for a Complete Halt to the Vaccination Program

One wonders if Dr Goldman has ever discussed his ideas with Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, a virologist who has called for a complete halt to the vaccination program, and instead, replacing it with widespread use of early treatment with highly effective repurposed anti-viral drugs (such as Ivermectin, etc.) (9-11)

“Given the huge amount of immune escape [variants] that will be provoked by mass vaccination campaigns and flanking containment measures, it is difficult to imagine how human interventions would not cause the COVID 19 pandemic to turn into an incredible disaster for global and individual health…. [There should be an] immediate halt to the mass vaccination program and replacing it by widespread use of antiviral chemoprophylactics [Ivermectin] while dedicating massive public health resources to scaling early multidrug treatments of Covid-19 disease.” end quote Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche DVM PhD

No Mention of Ivermectin’s Incredible Success ?

Dr Goldman has also conveniently omitted the incredible success in many countries with Ivermectin distribution programs such as in Peru, Mexico, India and Central Africa where incredible success stories have been celebrated with dramatic reduction in pandemic associated hospitalization and mortality. (13-26)

Above Image Data Chart from Sept. 2021: Israel Covid Cases per Million population. Black arrow: 80% of population vaccinated June 2021. Red Arrow: highest spike in cases after vaccination program.

Above Chart as of Jan 30, 2022:  Daily New Cases Israel Data from Our World in Data: New Omicron Cases dwarfs all previous waves in heavily vaccinated Israeli population.(Red Arrow)

Jan 30, 2022 Israel data on weekly hospital admissions for Covid shows the latest peak is also the highest omicron peak in heavily vaccinated population. (Red Arrow far right)

It doesn’t take a genius to state the obvious. Israel should follow the examples of Peru, India, Mexico and Africa, and abandon the failed Pfizer vaccine program and instead promote a nationwide Ivermectin distribution campaign. The governments of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Belize, and Bolivia have authorized the use of Ivermectin for Covid-19. Israel should follow these leaders. The mere fact that Israel has made Ivermectin a restricted drug, and has instead doubled down on vaccine boosters is a clear indication of corruption at the highest level of the Israeli government. Obviously, the Israeli government is in bed with Pfizer. The people of Israel must stand up to this criminal outrage and put the rotten eggs in prison where they belong.

Here is a Quote from Paul Craig Roberts:

Why is the Israeli government ignoring the obvious solution (ivermectin distribution) and instead conducting a Holocaust policy (Pfizer) against Israeli Jews? end quote Paul Craig Roberts.

Rabbi in Israel Discusses the Government Covid Policy


Utter Pradash Province of India Mass Distribution of Ivermectin

Above image: Utter Pradash province of India. Green Arrow: introduction of Ivermectin Distribution. Red Arrow: Decline in cases red bars, and mortality black line. Reference: 33 districts in Uttar Pradesh are now Covid-free: State govt.

Above Image courtesy of

Conclusion: Science fiction exists in many forms. Lately it has been infiltrating our COVID medical literature. One wonders if this represents a manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome applied to the COVID Plandemic. Worldwide data clearly shows the path forward for countries like Israel who have been victimized and duped by the failed Pfizer vaccine program. An Ivermectin distribution program is the answer, not mandatory vaccination as proposed by the misguided science fiction of Dr Goldman in PNAS.

Update August 31, 2022

Very well done 13 minute film on Ivermectin produced by Mikki Willis plandemic3 Ivermectin-The Truth


Update Sept 2 , 2022   Exclusive from Steve Kirsch : Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up
Israel didn’t start to gather safety data until a year into the vaccine program. They gathered 6 months worth of data and found that the vaccines weren’t safe so they lied to the world about it. Steve Kirsch

Update Jan 31, 2022:

My predictions from September 2021 have continued to be true as of 5 months later.  January 30, 2022 Israel: A Profile in Vaccine failure and a Warning to the World By Vasko Kohlmayer American thinker: Quote

“Israel’s daily COVID-19 cases reach record 83,653,” says Wednesday’s news wire. “COVID-19 in Israel: Serious cases increase tenfold in span of a month, continue to rise,” announces a recent headline from the Jerusalem Post. Elsewhere we learn that Israel’s positive test rate is a staggering 29.63 percent. This means that nearly one-third of all Covid tests taken by Israelis are coming back positive. Israel is obviously a country in deep Covid trouble with the SARS-CoV-2 virus running out of control in that nation. Revealingly, Israel happens to be one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world. Some 80 percent of its adult population have been double vaccinated and some 55 percent have received a booster. end quote


Left Image: Giulia Lucenti 16 years old school girl dies 16 hours after second dose Pfizer vaccine in Bastiglia, Italy.

One wonders what Dr Goldman would opine about this innocent 16 year old girl who died 16 hours after the second dose of Pfizer vaccine, an intervention for which there is no benefit in her age group. Another omission in Dr Goldman’s erudite piece is the FDA Black Box warning for myocarditis caused by the vaccines in young people. For under 19 years of age, the IFR infection mortality rate from COVID statistically near zero, making the vaccine completely unnecessary. Yet, the unlucky are suffering death, myocarditis (Black Box Warning) and Guillan Barre Syndrome and other injuries caused by the vaccine.

Left Image: 13 year old Jacob Clynick died at home 3 days after his second dose of Pfizer vaccine given at a Walgreens in Zilwaukee, Mich. on June 13, as reported in the Detroit Free Press.

Why was this 13 year old getting a vaccine for a virus with an IFR (infection fatality rate) of 0.00003 ? This tragic death was completely unnecessary and could have been avoided. These are only a few . There are many more.

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Two Great Vaccinology COVID-19 Giants Geert Vanden Bossche and Robert Malone MD Sep 25, 2021: Link to video discussion of current data on COVID, vaccines and therapeutics. These two Intellectual Giants disagree with Dr Goldman. The vaccine is causing selection pressure and the direct cause of the escape variants. The unvaccianted are not the cause of variants as Dr Goldman incorrectly assumes.


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Author’s Note: I would assume this would also be true from CORONA virus infection after allogeneic bone marrow transplant and before CAR T cell therapy obliterated the B cells. The T cells will persist after CAR T therapy and continue to provide immunity to future corona virus infections.

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