Casualties of the C0\/lD War When Wlll this End ?

Casualties of the C0\/lD War When Wlll this End ?

by Jeffrey Dach MD

Every war has casualties, and this is true for our current war which I will call the COVID war. In the old days, we knew who the enemy was. In modern warfare, we have no idea who our enemy is. Is it China for unleashing an unrestricted bio-weapon on us ?  Is it the nurses and doctors at the hospital who are playing games with the numbers and killing us with ventilators? Is it the Pharmacy who refuses to fill life saving medications, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Is it the Media for lying to us with a continuous barrage of propaganda ?  Is it Big Tech with their constant threat of censorship and de-platforming us? Is it our own government for using totalitarian tactics to force vaccinate every one of us or strip us of our jobs and livelihoods? Is it the local coffee shop or restaurant asking for vaccine passports ?  Is it the local school boards who persist with their face masks rules for school kids?

Is it our own family member “believer” who has already taken the booster shot and is eager for the next one? Is it the neighbor next door who glares suspiciously or walks by without a word or an upward gaze ?  Is it us? Are we our own enemy?

This is the beauty of psychological warfare. Perhaps we should try to be more compliant, and more obedient to our new masters. It is not good to rebel against the system.   If only we could comply even more and follow all the rules, perhaps they would let us be free again.   This is called the Stockholm Syndrome, the captives learn to love their captors.

Unfortunately the casualties of war are real.  At first there is Denial. Then there is Anger, then Bargaining, then Despair, and finally there is Acceptance, the five stages of Grief.  Perhaps all this has been planned as part of the psychological warfare program.

The Young Casualties of the COVID War

Giulia Lucenti  16 years old school girl dies 16 hours after second dose Pfizer vaccine in Bastiglia, Italy.

One wonders why this innocent 16 year old girl was given a medical intervention for which there is no benefit in her age group.  An intervention which lists a Black Box warning for myocarditis . For under 19 years of age, the IFR infection mortality rate from COVID statistically near zero, making the vaccine completely unnecessary. Yet, the unlucky are suffering death, myocarditis (Black Box Warning) and Guillan Barre Syndrome and other injuries caused by the vaccine.


Left Image: 13 year old Jacob Clynick died at home 3 days after his second dose of Pfizer vaccine given at a Walgreens in Zilwaukee, Mich. on June 13, as reported in the Detroit Free Press.

Why was this 13 year old getting a vaccine for a virus with an IFR (infection fatality rate) of 0.00003 ?  This tragic death was completely unnecessary and could have been avoided.




Left Image: Haley Link Brinkmeyer, 28 years old, Evansville Indiana, died 2 days after a Covid vaccine (either Pfizer or Moderna).  Haley worked as a physical therapist. During high school she and her future husband were homecoming king and queen (left image). In her age group, COVID poses such as small risk as to be statistically insignificant.  Her life was sacrificed for a medically unnecessary intervention.

====================               =======================

Jack, 27 year old Engineer in Stowmarket, Suffolk UK dies 11 days after Astra Zeneka jab apparently of a blood clot to the brain reported by THE SUN.







Left Image: Emma Burkey, 18-year-old Clark County California required 3 brain surgeries for blood clots after Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine





Left Image: Camilla Canepa: 18-year-old Italian woman develops blood clots, dead two weeks after experimental AstraZeneca shot

These are only a few .  There are many more.






Left Image: Fully Vaccinated Couple Die of Covid Minutes Apart. 

Grand Rapids Michigan, Cal Dunham 59 and Linda Dunham 66 were fully vaccinated against Covid 19, yet died minutes apart from the virus in Grand Rapids Michigan reported by FOX17 News.  Could this be ADE Antibody dependent Enhancement which causes a more severe form of the disease as warned by CDC director Rochelle Walensky   ?

Conclusion:  How many young people must die needlessly in this Covid War.  How many fully vaccinated people must die of COVID ? When will this End?   Mass distribution of Ivermectin in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Central Africa and India have led the way forward.  When will we learn this lesson and  bring the Covid War to its end? The answer is as elusive as the enemy we do not know.

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  1. Email received from reader today

    Dear Dr. Dach
    Every time I receive your emails. I just want to thank you for spreading the truth. I’m in California and it is so sad what is going on with people. Psychologically, its like a cult here. It’s very discouraging and life here is not enjoyable as there is no foreseeable end to this ever. From what I’ve heard, the attacks people in your profession have endured are unbelievable. Seems like a spiritual battle as such praying to our Lord Jesus Christ to shield and amply those who do his will and protect people from needless death and suffering. Deepest respect to you and your family.

    LK from CA

  2. Recieved this email from a reader
    From: CA in FLA

    Thank you Dr. Dach!!!!!! Thank you for putting together the valuable information that you share with your newsletter. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your efforts. Words cannot explain. Simply, THANK YOU!

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