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Ivermectin Antiviral Studies
Hydroxychloroquine Antiviral Studies

Dr. Dach’s Books:

Natural Thyroid Toolkit
Cracking Cancer Toolkit
Heart Book Kindle
Heart Book Paperback
Natural Medicine 101 Kindle
Natural Medicine 101 Paperback
Bio-identical Hormones 101 Paperback

Patient Hand Out Sheets
Acid-Alkaline Food Chart and Article on Preventing Osteoporosis

Benzodiazepam Tapering
Benzo Conversion Chart

Dr. Dach Web Sites

Dr. Dach Web Site

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Bioidentical References

Holtorf PG Med
Holt Schwartz 1Care Clinics
L’Hermite Safer
Hotze JP and S
Moskowitz Alt Med Rev
French Cohort Fournier
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Brownstein,Schw,Holt WSJ

Medical Studies

WHI 11 yr F/U JAMA 2011
Judith Walsh JAMA 2004
Frustaci JACC 1999
Iodine Project
Flechas, Iodine for Hashimotos

Medical Clinics

Burton Berkson MD
Eric Braverman MD
David Brownstein MD
John Crisler, DO, All Things Male
David Brownstein MD
Mayer Eisenstein MD, HomeFirst Health
George Flechas MD
Leo Galland MD
Nicholas Gonzalez MD
Haverford Wellness
Kent Holtorf MD
New K Holtorf MD
Ron Hoffman MD
Steven Hotze MD
Suzanne Humphries MD
Datis Kharrazian
Joseph McWherter MD/FEM Centre
Sangeeta Pati MD Orlando
David Perlmutter MD
Tom OBryan
C.W. Randolph MD Jacksonville
James C Roberts MD
Erika Schwartz MD
Michael Schachter MD
Frank Shallenberger MD
Jacob Teitelbaum MD
Sherry TenPenny MD
Julian Whitaker Wellness
Jonathan Wright MD Tahoma


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