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    Jeffrey Dach MD, 7450 Griffin Road, Suite 190, Davie, Florida 33314  telephone   954-792-4663

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    Contact Us & Map - Jeffrey Dach MD
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    Contact Us & Map - Jeffrey Dach MD
    Contact Us & Map - Jeffrey Dach MD
    Jeffrey Dach MD
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    About Jeffrey Dach MD

    Medical Director of TrueMedMD, a Clinic in Davie Florida specializing in Bioidentical Hormones and Natural thyroid. Office address 7450 Griffin Road Suite 190, Davie, Florida 33314 telephone 954-792-4663

    5 thoughts on “Contact Us & Map – Jeffrey Dach MD

    1. From : Linda S., Bellingham, WA

      Hello Dr. Dach,

      I was so delighted to see that you mentioned Linus Pauling, PhD and Abram Hoffer, MD on your website that I had to write and thank you. Dr. Hoffer was an incredible man and will always be my hero. Because of his books, and books by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, 3 of my relatives recovered from various emotional and mental problems including “incurable” “bipolar with psychosis.” You’re doing a wonderful thing by being an M.D. who is telling the world about nutritional medicine, Dr. Dach.

      Best regards,
      Linda S.

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    3. Dr. Dach. I have read much about your work. I have a question. I have seven adopted children. My 15 year old was the victim of a severe, non accidental TBI by birth mom. She is fifteen now, currently feeding tube, wheelchair bound (can use walker with assist). She does take some foods p.o. She is on eight different meds, i.e., Lamictal, Baclofen, Zanaflex, Tenex, Clonipin, Progesterone, Vitamin D, Albuterol, Milk of Mag,. We now discover thru DEXA scan she is diagnosed with Osteoperosis. I am devastated for her. She has already has one hip surgery at eight, tendon releases, rods in her spine from her neck to her tailbone and hysterectomy at age of 11. I am at a loss, she is on so much medication now and I fear liver damage. What are your feelings on CBD in order to titrate her down off some of these medications (with her neurologists guidance of course.) How should I follow her, orthopedic? endocrine? rheumatology. I am so distressed just don’t know where to turn not many physicians in our area Panama City will see her due to her age. Thank you and God Bless you for all you do.

    4. What is permanent in life is CHANGE. The future medicine will be FUNCTIONAL (treats root of problem) VS. CONVENTIONAL (treats symptoms only/coupled with major side effects) your greatest medicine is FOOD, your greatest food is medicine. Learn about food because once your older you will learn that people DO NOT CHANGE unless life/limb threatening. People will not listen to other knowlegable people unless it comes from the mouth of a DOCTOR, yet DR’s only have a few hours of nutritional training in school. Strawberries taste good but if they are not ORGANIC they are one of the top worst fruits to eat. Joseph Arsanis

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