Vaccination Articles

Vaccination Articles:


Hypervaccination, Autism, ADHD and Neurodevelopmental disorders

Financial Kickbacks to Pediatricians

Financial Kickbacks to Pediatricians for Vaccination Harms Children


Measles Outbreak, Fake News and Mass Hysteria

Which is Greater Threat Measles, or the Measles Vaccine ?

Measles Autism Vaccination in Somalis in Minnesota

Washington Post Says Unvaccinated Are a Danger to Society

HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccine, The Greatest Medical Scandal of Our Time

Polio Vaccine

The Failure of Global Polio Eradication

Spraying DDT to Eradicate Polio

Suzanne Humphries MD

Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries


The Aluminum in Vaccines Causes Autism

Donald Trump, Autism, Vaccination and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Do Vaccinations Cause Autism?

Mercury Sensitivity and Link to Autism part one

Autism and Vaccines Link Denied By CDC part two

Vaccine Autism Link Part Three

The Vaccines-Autism War: Détente Needed

Flu Shot

Flu Shot Only Ten Per Cent Effective


Vaxxed Documentary Exposes Fraud at CDC

Neurologist Andrew Zimmerman Fired by DOJ for Changing Opinion

Vaccine Safety White Paper ICAN 2017


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