Dr Ƥeter ӍĉČuII0ugh Interview with Ĵ0e Ř0gan

Dr Peter McCullough Interview with Joe Rogan This is the full interview between Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough Dec 15, 2021:  This was taken down, removed and censored by You-Tube. Links and References: 1) James Lyons-Weiler was kind enough … Continue reading

Karen Kingston Update on the \/\/uhan \/irus and \/aƈƈine

Karen Kingston Update on the Wuhan Virus and Vaccine Biotech analyst Karen Kingston warns people NOT to get the bioweapon booster shot. Interview by Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com on November 28, 2021 ======================================== ======== =========================================== = Articles with Related Interest: … Continue reading

Inventing the Č0\/lĐ \/lRUS and \/āccine

Inventing the Covid-19 Virus and Vaccine by Jeffrey Dach MD In 1996, Peter Duesberg PhD. published “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. Left image: courtesy of Peter Duesberg Book Cover. Much like the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s, the COVID-19 virus and … Continue reading

Israel Should Stop Ṗẝiẕḗr and Start l\/ḗrmḗctin Distribution

Israel Should Stop Pfizer and Start Ivermectin Distribution by Jeffrey Dach MD I bring your attention to a recent letter published in PNAS by Emanuel Goldman, Dept of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers. Goldman, How … Continue reading