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Bioidentical Hormones and Natural Thyroid

jeffrey_dach_md_truemedmd_bioidentical _hormones_Natural_ThyroidFounded in 2005, the TrueMedMD Clinic in Davie, Florida is one of the largest providers of bioidentical hormones and natural thyroid serving the South Florida area.

Many of our patients reside outside Florida in other parts of the US, Canada, Europe and South America.

Bioidentical Hormone Balancing

We specialize in menopausal hormone replacement, peri-menopausal hormone imbalance, and other hormonal issues of all ages.

Thyroid Disorders

We specialize in thyroid disorders, Hashimotos’, Graves’ Disease, and Thyroid Nodules, Goiter etc.

Our Prescribing Practice

We prescribe bioidentical hormones, natural thyroid and other natural substances, as well as all other FDA approved drugs which may benefit your condition.

Lab Testing

Our evaluation includes laboratory testing with Quest and Labcorp, as well as Functional Medicine testing using the Genova, Cyrex, Enterolabs and ALCAT.  Our testing panel is very complete and sophisticated. In addition to routine labs,  we test for esoteric lab studies usually ignored by conventional primary care doctors. We routinely test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and treat them with supplementation when found.

We Are Independent of Large Health Care Corporations

Because we are physician owned, we are independent of the “rigged system” created by health insurance companies.    We remain outside the control of the large medical corporations, and health insurance companies that dictate how to practice medicine.  The large health care corporations  and health insurance conglomerates have rigged the system so they can extort even more profit from sick people.  In most countries, this is considered criminal behavior.  However here in the US, this is considered business as usual.

This is why we are not members of health insurance networks, and remain independent of the evil influence of large corporations that control health care.  After all, these companies are profiting by denying health care to sick people.

TrueMedMD OfficeBy remaining independent, we are free to focus on your health and work diligently on reaching a favorable outcome.

Our TrueMedMD staff is dedicated to providing the highest care possible, and treats every patient like a family member with care and compassion.

To schedule and appointment, or if you have questions and need more information, call the office at this number. If after hours, leave a message with the service: (954) 792-4663

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Jeffrey Dach MD
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