Heart Book by Jeffrey Dach MD

Heart Book: How to Keep Your Heart Healthy by Jeffrey Dach MD

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Heart Book is a journey through the confusing maze of literature on coronary artery disease, the number-one killer in America. With his years of practice in vascular radiology, Dr. Dach has the background, credentials, and experience to transform your understanding of heart disease. The old medical paradigms have been upended, yet mainstream cardiology clings to these tired dogmas as if nothing has changed. Dr. Dach paints the big picture using a brand new brush. Be prepared to be shocked, amazed, provoked, and gratified as this book empowers you to take control of your own heart health.

Published by Medical Muse Press August 2018

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Heart Book by Jeffrey Dach MD
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Heart Book by Jeffrey Dach MD
Heart Book by Jeffrey Dach MD
Jeffrey Dach MD
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