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Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism

Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism by Jeffrey Dach MD The most alarming public health issue is the relentless increasing autism epidemic. New Jersey reports 1 in 34 children, and about 5 percent of Eight-Year-Old boys affected as of 2014.(10)  If this … Continue reading

Fibrinolytic and Proteolytic Enzymes Medical Use

ANkle Sprain _foot fibrinolytic_enzymes_serrapeptidase

Fibrinolytic and Proteolytic Enzymes, Medical Use by Jeffrey Dach MD Sam is a 24 year old with a swollen painful ankle after an injury playing basketball.  Xrays are negative for fracture, but Sam cannot walk and stays at home applying … Continue reading

Evolocumab Are You Joking Me?


Evolocumab, Are You Joking Me? by Jeffrey Dach MD Ralph is a 48 year old divorce lawyer who arrives in my office with a history of familial hypercholesterolemia.  Every lab panel since he was a kid showed a cholesterol of … Continue reading

Is Your Drug From the Medical Museum?

Is Your Drug Brain in Jar Medical Museum

Is Your Drug From the Medical Museum? If you are a curious tourist, visit the Medical Museum where you will be shocked with the sight of glass specimen jars filled with tissue samples.  There you will find relics of past … Continue reading

The Non-Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


The Non-Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome My wife gave me an article from Hadassah Magazine entitled “The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, by Carol Saline, about the 2017 documentary on Jennifer Brea called “Unrest”.  The film documents her experience with … Continue reading

LDL Cholesterol Particle Size and Number What Gives ?

LDL Particle Cholesterol JEffrey Dach MD

LDL Particle Size and Particle Number, What Gives? Superiority of Calcium Score Ron is a 72 year old retired engineer, and has a total cholesterol of 174 which hasn’t changed over the seven years we have been following him. This … Continue reading

Interesting Algae Micro-Organisms on Electron Microscopy


Interesting Algae Micro-organisms on Electron Microscopy by Jeffrey Dach MD Coccolithophore (phylum Plankton) This is Plankton, a one-celled plant (using photosynthesis) living in the ocean.   The outer “hubcaps” are called coccolithophores made of limestone (calcite or chalk). about 0.001 mm … Continue reading

Mitch Daniels Says AntiGMO is Immoral Perhaps the GMO Industry is Immoral

Indiana_Governor_Mitch_Daniels_Wikimedia Commons

Mitch Daniels Says Anti-GMO is Immoral, Perhaps the GMO Industry is Immoral by Jeffrey Dach MD Mitch Daniels, ex-governor of Indiana and President of Purdue University  recently wrote a Pro-GMO editorial for the Washington Post declaring Anti-GMO arguments are “immoral” … Continue reading

Understanding SIBO Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

SIBO Interpreting Hydrogen Breath TEst

Understanding SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment by Jeffrey Dach MD Alfred, a 57 year old CEO of a high tech company, flew in from Europe to see me for symptoms of abdominal  gas, bloating, pain … Continue reading

Unexplained Infertility Linked to Low Thyroid Function

thyroid a pregnancy infertility 2

Unexplained Infertility Linked to Low Thyroid Function by Jeffrey Dach MD A new study in Endocrinology, found that women with unexplained infertility had higher TSH levels than aged matched controls, indicating lower thyroid function may be responsible.   Nearly twice as … Continue reading

Cholesterol Levels and Atherosclerosis: Autopsy Studies Show No Correlation

Plaque CAT-Coronary-Angiogram

Cholesterol Levels and Atherosclerosis: Autopsy Studies Show No Correlation By Jeffrey Dach MD Drs William Ware (25) and Uffe Ravnskov(1) have both pointed out an inconvenient truth.  Many autopsy studies dating back to 1936 all show the same finding: cholesterol … Continue reading

COX2 Inhibitor Celecoxib As Anti-Cancer Drug

Bernard 2008 COX2 Inhibitors for Hematologic Malignancy

COX2 Inhibitors As Anti-Cancer Agents The COX2 (Cyclo-Oxygenase) pathway is upregulated in cancer, and COX2 inhibitors (celecoxib) can inhibit cell proliferation, tumor  invasiveness, and angiogenesis.  They can also overcome apoptosis resistance by BCL2, and overcome P-glycoprotein/MDR drug resistance, as well … Continue reading

Salicinium Non-Toxic Anti-Cancer Agent

Salicinium Logo Perfect Balance

Salicinium Non-Toxic Anti-Cancer Agent by Jeffrey Dach MD A few recent articles in Townsend Letter for Doctors discuss Salicinium as a non-toxic anticancer agent.(1-2)  Salicinium was patented in 2011 by Joe Brown as a glyco-benzaldehyde, by adding glucose to benzaldehyde.(19) … Continue reading