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Medical Director of TrueMedMD, a Clinic in Davie Florida specializing in Bioidentical Hormones and Natural thyroid. Office address 7450 Griffin Road Suite 190, Davie, Florida 33314 telephone 954-792-4663

Vaccine Injury Epidemic VIE Event Washington DC Nov 14, 2019

Vaccine Injury Epidemic VIE Event Washington D.C. Nov 14, 2019 Our broken vaccine system is creating a massive vaccine injury epidemic, the greatest tragedy of modern history.  The VIE Event in Washington DC, Nov. 2019, features some of the luminaries … Continue reading

Open Letter to Fla State Legislature Opposing SB64

Open Letter to All Florida State Legislators Re: Senate Bill SB 64: Exemptions from School-entry Health Requirements: Referred to Health Policy; Education; Rules Dear Senator _____________ . I am a board certified physician licensed in the State of Florida since … Continue reading

Protecting Public Health With Mandatory Vaccination

Protecting Public Health With Mandatory Vaccination It simply boggles the imagination that the state of California and New York have created medical police states by eliminating non-medical vaccine exemption while at the same time restricting medical exemptions.  This creates a … Continue reading

July Fourth Medical Freedom Day

July 4 Medical Freedom Day  by Jeffrey Dach MD On this Fourth of July we celebrate our Independence and Freedom from oppression.  The Statue of Liberty is a stirring reminder of the price our founders paid so we could live … Continue reading