Trick or Treat from the Demon Doctor ?

Trick or Treat from the Demon Doctor ?

In perfect timing with Halloween coming up in only two days, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, (R. N. Carolina) spoke to the House of Representatives on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, suggesting a good Halloween Costume, “Demon Doctor”,  in honor of our esteemed  leader at  the NIH.


Need a costume for Halloween ? Why not try on a  Demon Doctor Halloween Costume?

Above header image Jack o Lantern courtesy of wikimedia commons

and second image WC

Left Image: Book Cover Courtesy of JFK JR, The Real Anthony Fauci Available on Amazon.

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1) Spartacus Letter

2) Spartacus Letter

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4) Dr. Zelenko – What is Happening Right Now,  According to Dr. Zelenko, The virus and the “Killshot” are both parts of the same Global Bio Weapon Attack to Enslave Humanity, and We Must Fight for our Freedom.  This bio-weapon attack is well coordinated. The end goal is depopulation and totalitarian control.  “This is Stalin and Hitler with weapons of mass destruction on steroids.”


5) Florida Governor Ron Desantis Press conference October 26, 2021.
“We can either have a Free Society or we can have a Bio-Medical Security State”.


6) Big Pharma’s Deadly Covid-19 Playbook by Michael Capuzzo Oct 27
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12) Covid Totalitarianism Exposed By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD
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