The Non-Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


The Non-Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome My wife gave me an article from Hadassah Magazine entitled “The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, by Carol Saline, about the 2017 documentary on Jennifer Brea called “Unrest”.  The film documents her experience with … Continue reading

LDL Cholesterol Particle Size and Number What Gives ?

ApoB particle LDL Cholesterol Jeffrey Dach MD

LDL Particle Size and Particle Number, What Gives? Superiority of Calcium Score Ron is a 72 year old retired engineer, and has a total cholesterol of 174 which hasn’t changed over the seven years we have been following him. This … Continue reading

Interesting Algae Micro-Organisms on Electron Microscopy


Interesting Algae Micro-organisms on Electron Microscopy by Jeffrey Dach MD Coccolithophore (phylum Plankton) This is Plankton, a one-celled plant (using photosynthesis) living in the ocean.   The outer “hubcaps” are called coccolithophores made of limestone (calcite or chalk). about 0.001 mm … Continue reading