Addressing the Auto Immune Component of Thyroid Disease

Graves and Hashimoto’s Disease – Role of H.Pylori and other infections, Gluten Free Diet, Vitamin D, Selenium, Excess Iodine etc. One of the errors of modern endocrinology is to ignore the auto-immune component of Hashimoto’s and Graves’ Disease.  The typical … Continue reading

Use of Lithium/ Iodine Combination for Grave’s Disease

Use of Lithium/ Iodine Combination for Grave’s Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD In this article, we will present the case for combined use of Lithium  and Potassium Iodid (KI) for treatment of Graves’ Autoimmune hyperthyroidism. Header Image Thyroid Gland Microscopic … Continue reading

Iodine Treatment of Graves Disease Part Two

Iodine Treatment of Graves’ Disease Part Two Jeffrey Dach MD This is Part Two, For Part One, Click Here.  Header image: thyroiditis. Notice disruption of basal laminar membrane of the follicles with release of colloid. Notice inflammatory, lymphocytic infiltrate surrounding … Continue reading

Thyroid T3/T4 Combination Therapy vs T4-Monotherapy

Thyroid T3/T4 Combination Therapy vs T4-Monotherapy by Jeffrey Dach MD Susan is a 42-year-old Professor of Literature at the local college. About four years ago, she was treated with radioactive iodine (thyroid ablation) for Graves’ Disease. Susan now requires lifelong … Continue reading

Covid 19 Vaccines a Time for Reassessment

=============================================== Click Here to View Dr YoungBlood’s Presentation to San Diego City ============================================== C0\/lD \/@xxines – Just Another Failed Ĉlinical Ŧrial – Caused by Antibody Dependent Enhancement Dr. Scot Youngblood’s presentation to the San Diego City Council on September 16th, … Continue reading

Hashimoto’s With Normal TSH, When to Treat

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with Normal TSH, When to Treat ? A 15 year old girl in high school arrived to my office with her mother.  She carried the diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease.  Her laboratory studies showed a TSH within … Continue reading