B5 Pantethine and L-Carnitine for Acne

Mona Lisa with AcneB5 Pantethine and L-Carnitine for Acne

by Jeffrey Dach MD

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B5 Pantethine and L-Carnitine for Acne
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B5 Pantethine and L-Carnitine for Acne
B5 Pantethine and L-Carnitine for Acne
Jeffrey Dach MD
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4 thoughts on “B5 Pantethine and L-Carnitine for Acne

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  2. Hi Dr. Dach,

    I have been taking Pantothenic Acid w/Carnitine 2x a day. Battled oily skin for 35 years, am 46-years-old. It worked beautifully. A miracle.I eat all fruits, vegetables, fish, almond butter, no sugar, no dairy, or white carbohydrates, and still had breakouts. Pantothenic Acid worked on my excess sebum.

    Please keep up the great work and God Bless your medical practice.

    signed MB

    note: this is an email I received today.

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