LDL Cholesterol Particle Size and Number What Gives ?

ApoB particle LDL Cholesterol Jeffrey Dach MD

LDL Particle Size and Particle Number, What Gives? Superiority of Calcium Score Ron is a 72 year old retired engineer, and has a total cholesterol of 174 which hasn’t changed over the seven years we have been following him. This … Continue reading

Interesting Algae Micro-Organisms on Electron Microscopy


Interesting Algae Micro-organisms on Electron Microscopy by Jeffrey Dach MD Coccolithophore (phylum Plankton) This is Plankton, a one-celled plant (using photosynthesis) living in the ocean.   The outer “hubcaps” are called coccolithophores made of limestone (calcite or chalk). about 0.001 mm … Continue reading

Mitch Daniels Says AntiGMO is Immoral Perhaps the GMO Industry is Immoral

Indiana_Governor_Mitch_Daniels_Wikimedia Commons

Mitch Daniels Says Anti-GMO is Immoral, Perhaps the GMO Industry is Immoral by Jeffrey Dach MD Mitch Daniels, ex-governor of Indiana and President of Purdue University  recently wrote a Pro-GMO editorial for the Washington Post declaring Anti-GMO arguments are “immoral” … Continue reading

Understanding SIBO Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

SIBO Interpreting Hydrogen Breath TEst

Understanding SIBO – Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment by Jeffrey Dach MD Alfred, a 57 year old CEO of a high tech company, flew in from Europe to see me for symptoms of abdominal  gas, bloating, pain … Continue reading