Steven A Rosenberg and Cancer Immunotherapy


Steven A Rosenberg MD and the Race for CAR T-Cell Cancer Therapy This article is part one For part two, Click Here by Jeffrey Dach MD Expecting the Unexpected Laboring tediously for hours on end, medical students inject cancer cells … Continue reading

Menopause Accelerates Aging New Study


Two UCLA Studies Show Menopause Accelerates Aging A new study by Dr Morgan E. Levine from UCLA in PNAS shows that  menopause accelerates aging. (1)  A second study by Dr Judith Carroll from UCLA reported in  Biological Psychiatry that “insomnia … Continue reading

Is Your Baby Toxic from Environmental Chemicals ?

Is Your Baby Toxic from Environmental Pollution

Is Your Baby Toxic from Environmental Chemicals? by Jeffrey Dach MD Are Your Drinking Flouride? A new study in JAMA Aug 2019 shows that fluoridated drinking water is harmful to developing babies.(51-52) The authors state: “maternal exposure to higher levels … Continue reading

Defending the Cholesterol Hypothesis in the Elderly


Defending the Cholesterol Hypothesis in the Elderly by Jeffrey Dach MD Med Page Today ran an article by cardiologist Larry Husten, defending the cholesterol theory of heart disease entitled “Cholesterol Skeptics Launch Another Attack”. (1)(10)  Left Image Medpage Today Logo … Continue reading

GMO Food Fight on Senate Floor


GMO Food Fight on Floor of Senate Setting the Record Straight When it comes to debate among members of the Senate, we think of the great orators of antiquity such as Ancient Greece and Rome.  These were the intellectual giants … Continue reading