Cracking Cancer Toolkit Slide Presentation

Cracking Cancer Toolkit Slide Presentation by Jeffrey Dach MD Cancer as a Metabolic Disease The Power Point slides are available for download by clicking on this link: Talk One: Introduction to Cracking Cancer Toolkit: June 19, 2020 Talk ONE Cracking … Continue reading

Cracking Cancer Toolkit by Jeffrey Dach MD

Cracking Cancer Toolkit by Jeffrey Dach MD I am pleased to announce publication of my new book, Cracking Cancer Toolkit. Link to Paperback on Amazon Link to eBook on Amazon Link to join our Facebook Group for Cracking Cancer Toolkit … Continue reading

Salicinium Non-Toxic Anti-Cancer Agent

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Salicinium Non-Toxic Anti-Cancer Agent by Jeffrey Dach MD A few recent articles in Townsend Letter for Doctors discuss Salicinium as a non-toxic anticancer agent.(1-2)  Salicinium was patented in 2011 by Joe Brown as a glyco-benzaldehyde, by adding glucose to benzaldehyde.(19) … Continue reading

Metformin Repurposed Anti-Cancer Drug

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Metformin Repurposed Anti-Cancer Drug Metformin, FDA approved in 1994,  is known as “the Good Anti-Diabetic Drug” , taken by 150 million people worldwide for control of blood sugar in Type Two Diabetes.(57)  Remarkably, metformin is also an anti-cancer drug.  In … Continue reading