GMO Food Fight on Senate Floor


GMO Food Fight on Floor of Senate Setting the Record Straight When it comes to debate among members of the Senate, we think of the great orators of antiquity such as Ancient Greece and Rome.  These were the intellectual giants … Continue reading

Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure Causing Microcephaly


Is It Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure ? by Jeffrey Dach MD The news media has been reporting the Zika virus as the cause of microcephaly.  The story originated in a Monsanto chemical industry press release dated Feb 17, 2016 … Continue reading

Berberine Antidote for a Modern Epidemic

Berberine, Antidote for a Modern Epidemic The Leaky Gut Epidemic My previous article discussed the damaging effect of NSAID drugs on small bowel mucosa, producing a syndrome known as “Leaky Gut” .  PPI antacid drugs (or hypochlorhydria) may also cause … Continue reading

Curing Autism with Antibiotics

Gut bacteria dysbiosis autism clostridia

Curing Autism with Antibiotics by Jeffrey Dach MD I was intrigued by a 2015 case report by John Rodakis of an autistic child whose symptoms dramatically improved while on a 10 day course of antibiotics.(4)  The dad brought the autistic … Continue reading

Dr Mehmet Oz Smear Campaign Back Fires

Dr Mehmet Oz Smear Campaign Back-Fire In round one of the war between Monsanto and Dr OZ, a poisoned pen letter was mailed to Columbia University.  Here is a quote: “We are surprised and dismayed that Columbia University’s College of … Continue reading