Dont Ask For HIV Test, Ask For Glyphosate Test

HIV Test Advertising on Broward County Bus_2Don’t Ask Your Doctor for an HIV Test , Ask for a Glyphosate Test Instead.

While waiting for a red light to change, I noticed a Broward County Bus in the next lane sporting a large advertisement for HIV testing which says:”Ask Your Doctor For an HIV Test”   I thought to myself, as usual the county government got it wrong.  They are wasting money on the wrong thing.

Number one, AIDS is no longer a threat to the community.  Numbers of reported cases peaked in 1991 and have been decreasing ever since. (see chart below courtesy of the CDC and

Diagnosis_AIDS_Mortality_Deaths_ChartNumber two, the HIV test has been criticized for unreliability and false positives.  False Positive means the test is positive for HIV, yet the patient is healthy and does not, in fact, have any disease).

Patricia Goodson

Patricia Goodson from the Department of Health, Texas A&M University has raised such questions about HIV tests.(11)Numer of Aids Cases Canada_fig6-engAbove chart :  AIDS cases in Canada peaked in 1993 and has been declining ever since to low levels. Courtesy of PHAC.Aids mortality 2013 CDC HIV Test Glyphosate Test

Above chart :  AIDS Mortality in US peaked in 1994-1995 and has been declining ever since to low levels. Courtesy of CDC and NIH.

Courts Reversing HIV Decisions 

Number three: Another indication of problems with HIV testing is the court system has started to  overturn convictions and release prisoners originally convicted of HIV related crimes.   In addition, the military courts have overturned convictions for HIV related offenses. This has been happening more and more lately.

Number Four: An indicator that a medical test has problems is the number of lawsuits filed because of a false positive result.  There have been many HIV test related  law suits filed.  Here are a few in the local papers:

Pregnant woman sues Memphis laboratory for $1 million for positive HIV test.  (Aug 2012)

Doctor sued over false positive HIV test Friday, Jan 22, 2010

HIV MisdiagnosiHIV Test_Package _ inserts Lawsuit: Lexington Man Discovers He Never Had The Virus

False Positive HIV Tests Results Spur Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawsuit  April 9, 2011

There are many more ….See more at this Link.   ……….. and this link

Product Label Disclaimers for HIV Test Kits

hiv_test_label_disclaimerNumber Five: The manufacturers of the HIV test kits have placed Disclaimers on the product label which state their test is not intended to diagnose HIV infection in the blood, and/or there are no recognized standards for detection of HIV antibodies…etc.

Left Image: typical disclaimer on HIV test label which says”this assay is not intended as a screening test for HIV or as a  diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection.”  

Needless to say, having such disclaimers on the package insert does not inspire confidence in the testing service.

Ask for a Glyphosate Test Instead

elephant-in-the-room Glyphosate Round up2Glyphosate is Monsanto’s herbicide called Roundup which is being spraying in massive quantities on our food, causing contamination of the entire planet. Left Image: Glyphosate-Elephant in the Room.

The New Bus Ad – After a PhotoShop “correction” of the  HIV TEST bus ad we now have a better use of government money, “Ask Your Doctor for a Glyphosate Test”.  In my opinion, Glyphosate represents a greater threat to our community health than the imaginary HIV /AIDS epidemic which was predicted in 1990 and never actually materialized.Glyphosate Test Advertising on Broward County Bus_4Glyphosate is Greater Threat to Community Health

For example, here is a chart (below) showing increasing use of Glyphosate, Monsanto’s herbicide which has been linked to increasing incidence 22 diseases (see Genetically engineered crops Glyphosate Deterioration of Health_Nancy Swanson_2014.)Correlation-between-glyphosate-use-and-incidence-of-diabetes3

Glyphosate is in our environment and our food causing disease and toxicity n our population.  So instead of asking for an HIV test, ask your doctor for a Glyphosate test.  While you are at it, call your Congressman and ask for new legislation banning production and use of Glyphosate.

Update: Glyphosate Testing Available to the Public

Feed the World, and the Organic Consumers Association, has made the glyphosate testing available for the general public:

Update: Dr Duesberg speaks at IOMT 2015 on AIDS : the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis-30 Years Later, Lack of Exponential Epidemic

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Ask Your Doctor for Glyphosate Test


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Dont Ask For HIV Test Ask For Glyphosate Test
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Dont Ask For HIV Test Ask For Glyphosate Test
Glyphosate is Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide Ask Your Doctor for a Glyphosate Test.
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