Dr Ƥeter ӍĉČuII0ugh Interview with Ĵ0e Ř0gan

Dr Peter McCullough Interview with Joe Rogan This is the full interview between Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough Dec 15, 2021:  This was taken down, removed and censored by You-Tube. However it is still ob Rumble: ============================================= Click Here … Continue reading

Inventing the Č0\/lĐ \/lRUS and \/āccine

Inventing the Covid-19 Virus and Vaccine by Jeffrey Dach MD In 1996, Peter Duesberg PhD. published his book “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. Left image book cover: courtesy of  Dr. Peter Duesberg The COVID-19 virus and its vaccine are also “invented”. … Continue reading

Free Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Regen-Cov Treatment for Covid 19

Free Monoclonal Antibody Infusion (Regen-Cov Treatment) for COVID-19 NOW Closed Update 1/26/22: The FDA has revoked the EUA for Monoclonal Antibodies and the State of Florida has closed all the infusion centers. This is the original post which is now … Continue reading

Corona Virus How to Protect Ourselves Part Two

Corona Virus How to Protect Ourselves Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD In part one of this series, we discussed simple measures to boost the immune system with vitamins and supplements, and various widely available drugs which can be repurposed … Continue reading

Coronavirus, How to Protect Ourselves

Coronavirus, How to Protect Ourselves by Jeffrey Dach MD Corona Virus Has Changed the World as We Know It The arrival of the corona virus pandemic has changed the world.  Many of these changes are obvious as we practice social … Continue reading