Dr Ƥeter ӍĉČuII0ugh Interview with Ĵ0e Ř0gan

Dr Peter McCullough Interview with Joe Rogan This is the full interview between Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough Dec 15, 2021:  This was taken down, removed and censored by You-Tube. However it is still ob Rumble: ============================================= Click Here … Continue reading

Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy Against Corona Virus

Challenge, Re-challenge Evidence for Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy Against Corona Virus by Jeffrey Dach MD Update Jan 1, 2023 How to kill an Industry Better Than a Virus: Dr Richard Urso Explains Antiviral Mechanism of Hydroxychloroquine as endosomal acidification inhibitor: “Hydroxychloroquine kills … Continue reading

Artemisinin Mefloquine Combination for Leukemia

Mefloquine Lariam Jeffrey Dach MD

Artemisinin Mefloquin Combination for Leukemia My previous article discussed the anti-cancer effects of a Chinese herbal drug for malaria called Artemisinin.  Synergistic anticancer effects could be obtained in combination with other non-toxic therapies such as butyrate, resveratrol, allicin, curcumin etc. … Continue reading