Evolocumab Are You Joking Me?


Evolocumab, Are You Joking Me? by Jeffrey Dach MD Ralph is a 48 year old divorce lawyer who arrives in my office with a history of familial hypercholesterolemia.  Every lab panel since he was a kid showed a cholesterol of … Continue reading

Is Your Drug From the Medical Museum?

Is Your Drug Brain in Jar Medical Museum

Is Your Drug From the Medical Museum? If you are a curious tourist, visit the Medical Museum where you will be shocked with the sight of glass specimen jars filled with tissue samples.  There you will find relics of past … Continue reading

Statin Denialism Internet Cult with Deadly Consequences

steven nissen md cardiology cleveland clinic new york times

Statin Denialism: an Internet Cult with Deadly Consequences An editorial by Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Steven Nissen (above image) appeared in the Annals of Internal Medicine this week lamenting the problem of  “Statin Denialism” on the Internet.(1-2) Dr Steve Nissen’s editorial … Continue reading

Statin Drugs and Botanicals Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Cardiac Bypass2_Heart_lung_machine

Statin Drugs Anti-Inflammatory Effects Reduce Mortality after Cardiac Surgery. Would Botanicals Be Better? For those of us with heart disease requiring cardiac bypass surgery (CABG), The New York Times advises we all take statins drugs, since studies show 50% reduction … Continue reading

Statins Reduce Peri-Operative Mortality Surely You Must Be Joking

Statins Reduce Peri-Operative Mortality, Surely You Must Be Joking Another Medical Hoax I was intrigued by Dr London’s report in December 2016 JAMA of decreased peri-operative mortality in statin users.(1)  This result does not seem immediately intuitive.  Statin drugs inhibit … Continue reading

Defending the Cholesterol Hypothesis in the Elderly


Defending the Cholesterol Hypothesis in the Elderly by Jeffrey Dach MD Med Page Today ran an article by cardiologist Larry Husten, defending the cholesterol theory of heart disease entitled “Cholesterol Skeptics Launch Another Attack”. (1)(10)  Left Image Medpage Today Logo … Continue reading