LDL-Cholesterol Does Not Cause Coronary Artery Disease

LDL-Cholesterol Does Not Cause Coronary Artery Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD My new book on prevention of cardiovascular disease entitled “Heart Book” came out on Amazon in August 2018.  About the same time, an article by Dr Uffe Ravnskov appeared … Continue reading

Evolocumab Are You Joking Me?


Evolocumab, Are You Joking Me? by Jeffrey Dach MD Ralph is a 48 year old divorce lawyer who arrives in my office with a history of familial hypercholesterolemia.  Every lab panel since he was a kid showed a cholesterol of … Continue reading

LDL Cholesterol Particle Size and Number What Gives ?

ApoB particle LDL Cholesterol Jeffrey Dach MD

LDL Particle Size and Particle Number, What Gives? Superiority of Calcium Score Ron is a 72 year old retired engineer, and has a total cholesterol of 174 which hasn’t changed over the seven years we have been following him. This … Continue reading

Atherosclerosis How Does it Happen by Jeffrey Dach MD

Atherosclerosis Plaque Wikimedia

Atherosclerosis: How Does it Happen? Reversing Heart Disease Part Two – by Jeffrey Dach MD A Brief Review of Part I In part one, we discussed the Coronary Calcium Score, which is useful because it provides an estimate of total … Continue reading