ADHD Attention Deficit Syndrome Part Two

Attention Deficit Disorder Exposed as Drug Marketing Ploy

ADHD Attention Deficit HyperActivity Syndrome Part Two  by Jeffrey Dach Susan is a 13 year old 8th grader with behavior problems.  Her parents have disciplined her frequently by confiscating her cell phone, restricting her activities, etc. However, none of this … Continue reading

Statin Drugs and Botanicals Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Cardiac Bypass2_Heart_lung_machine

Statin Drugs Anti-Inflammatory Effects Reduce Mortality after Cardiac Surgery. Would Botanicals Be Better? For those of us with heart disease requiring cardiac bypass surgery (CABG), The New York Times advises we all take statins drugs, since studies show 50% reduction … Continue reading

AntiViral Herbals


Herbal Antivirals by Jeffrey Dach MD It was about twenty years ago, and I still remember vividly an anxious middle aged man on oxygen sitting up on his stretcher in the waiting area of the Hospital Xray department outside my … Continue reading

Low Testosterone Associated with Increased Mortality

Low Testosterone Associated with Increased Mortality by Jeffrey Dach MD Forty Per Cent More Likely to Die Two reports published in the recent medical literature showed that low testosterone is associated with increased mortality.(1)(2)(3)  Upper Left Image: Chemical structure of … Continue reading

Linus Pauling Heart Disease Prevention with Vitamin C

Linus Pauling Heart Disease Prevention with Vitamin C This article is part one, for part two click here. The Steam Roller is Not Joking I once had a conversation with a cardiologist friend of mine in which I casually mentioned … Continue reading