Protecting Public Health With Mandatory Vaccination

you-can-vote-out-stupid HPV Vaccine Protecting Public Health With Mandatory Vaccination

It simply boggles the imagination that the state of California and New York have created medical police states by eliminating non-medical vaccine exemption while at the same time restricting medical exemptions.  This creates a medical police state with mandatory vaccination.   Proposed new legislation SB276 in California replaces the pediatrician’s clinical judgement granting medical vaccine exemption with the judgement of a Department of Health Government Employee who makes the decision based on CDC (a government agency) criteria. This is a very bad idea.

New York State recently (Aug 2019) issued stricter rules for obtaining a medical exemption requiring the doctor to file form with the state listing the medical reasons for the exemption.  With this type of scrutiny, what doctor in their right mind would risk the loss of their medical practice writing vaccine exemptions?

Manufactured Fear of “the enemy”

Medical Politics is a frightening thing when it is based on manufactured fear. Governments have always relied on fear to control their population.  Usually it is fear of “a foreign enemy”.  In medical politics, the hysterical fear is whipped up over a “virus” such as the AIDS virus, the Bird flu virus, the Zika Virus, The Swine Flu Virus, the Measles Virus, etc.  Politicians rely on this when they pass draconian legislation in the name of “public safety”.  They say, we are protecting you from your worst fears, your hysterical fear of a “virus”.  These lawmakers say:

The small fraction of the population of un-vaccinated children granted medical exemptions represent a serious medical threat to the rest of the population (who are vaccinated ?).  In order to protect public safety, we the state legislators who are the Power of the State have decided to strip way all medical exemptions and force parents to vaccinate their vulnerable medically-exempt children.” 

Of course, this is the most nonsensical, ludicrous idea that the unvaccinated child with a medical exception is a serious medical threat to others.  This very wrong idea has been drilled into the brains of the masses, creating irrational fear by the relentless drum beat of Big Pharma funded propaganda in the media.   I discussed this in a previous article, It is the Vaccinated , Not the Unvaccinated Who Are A Medical Threat on the Transplant Ward. Healthy non-vaccinated children are not a medical threat, and are allowed visitation rights on transplant wards across the nation.  Show me a double blind placebo controlled study which shows that the unvaccinated are a medical threat to the vaccinated.  There isn’t one.

More Children Died After a Measles Vaccine than From Natural Measles

On the other hand, we do have data from VAERS showing that more children have died over the past 10 years from the measles vaccine then from natural measles.  This data suggests we should be more afraid of the vaccine than the natural disease.  According to Dr. Anne Schuchat, the director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases there have been no deaths from natural measles in the US since 2003, yet during this same time period, there have been 96 deaths reported after receiving a measles vaccine. (Health Impact News)

“As of May 31, 2019, there have been more than 94,972 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccinations made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), including 468 related deaths, 7,127 hospitalizations, and 1,820 related disabilities.” (NVIC)

Heavily Democratic States- Legislative Savagery

Both California and New York state are heavily democratic controlled states whose legislators are targeting a very small minority of a few thousand vulnerable children.  These children have been granted medical vaccine exemptions because they have a high likelihood of severe injury should they receive a vaccination.  Robert F Kennedy Jr. says passing state legislation forcing vulnerable children to vaccinate represents “an act of legislative savagery.(1)

Big Pharma Orchestrated Legislation Coming to Your State Soon

This same Big Pharma orchestrated drive to eliminate vaccine exemptions is coming to your state soon.  In my state of Florida, Senator Lauren Book has sponsored SB 64, proposed legislation to eliminate religious exemptions and severely restrict medical exemptions.  Now is the time to stand up for your God-Given Right to Medical Freedom and become active. Contact your state legislator and ask them to oppose SB64.  Needless to say, Lauren Book should be promptly voted out of office.  Here are a few links to get you started:

State Senator Lauren Book contact info

High Wire Del Big Tree vote No SB64

Vote No on SB64-Libertarian Party of Hillborough

NVIC Vote NO SB64 Facebook Site

GreenMedInfo Sayer Ji Vote No on SB64

There Can Be Only One Outcome

There can be only one outcome to this draconian legislation in California and New York.   Forcing vaccine vulnerable children to receive vaccinations will only create more vaccine injured children, which will create more parents of vaccine injured children, which will create more politically active parents of vaccine injured children, who will hopefully create a political movement which votes these morons out of office.  We cannot eliminate stupidity, but we can vote them out.  It is up to you to stand up for your God-given right to medical freedom.

Conclusion: Mandatory vaccination has never protected the public health, and never will.   In the past, mandatory vaccination has always created massive vaccine injury and death resulting in backlash and widespread grass roots political protest resulting in repeal of mandatory vaccination laws.

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References and Links

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By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense Chairman

“Now California’s bought or brain-dead lawmakers are proposing to “fix” Merck’s vaccine failure problem by punishing 4,000 vulnerable children with medical exemptions. In an act of legislative savagery, Democratic politicians propose to forcibly vaccinate children whose doctors have told them that a vaccine could kill or severely injure them. SB276 will not fix the measles outbreak or solve the problem of vaccine failure, it will only reward a corrupt company for a defective product.” End Quote

2)  California Seeks to Strip Doctors of Authority to Grant Kids Medical Exemptions for Vaccinations  June 13, 2019 Bretigne Shaffer Foundation for Economic Education

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4)  NY Measles Outbreak Hoax?!? fedupdemocrat Breaking News, Critical Info, NY State Law, Opinion September 3, 2019 by Fed Up Dem.  No Confirmed Cases of Measles in NY.  New York chose to not confirm any of the reported Measles Cases (with PCR-DNA typing of exact strain) . “Outbreak” was most likely from a Vaccine Strain.

5) Press Conference on Capitol Steps

Parents For Healthcare Rights Published on Sep 6, 2019
Leigh Dundas full press conference calling for an investigation into the potentially illegal record sharing and SB276. Camera sound and editing by Joshua Coleman.

6) Update 9/10/12 California Governor Signs Both Bills which severely limit Vaccine Medical Exemptions.  Comments by Robert F Kennedy Jr:

“If we can give government and big industry the right to inject untested medical products that have zero liability into our children coercively- where does the power of big government end?

What else can they order us to do?
Can they do the same thing they do in China?
Can they tell us to abort our babies~ for the greater good?
Can they euthanize~ for the greater good?
Where is the boundary?

Where are all the autoimmune diseases coming from…
They can’t answer that question.
If it’s not the vaccine- what is it?
The autoimmune diseases are epidemic among American children. And they are listed on the vaccine insert.

Why would they list them on the insert? They do it because, the only way you can sue them under VICA is if they know, or suspect that an injury is being caused by their product- and they fail to put it on their insert.
The insert is the ONE place where they are honest.
The code of Federal Regulations says you cannot put it on the insert- unless you believe it’s caused by the vaccine. 

The pharmaceutical companies are commoditizing our children.
They told us they were going to get rid of “infectious diseases” like Chicken pox.
But, we are trading that for rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. Autism, ADD & ADHD.
And all of those “infectious diseases” are treatable and curable, usually within a week.
But, None of the chronic diseases that they are causing are treatable or curable.
They are making 50 billion dollars off of these mandated and untested vaccines, but they are also making 500 billion dollars selling us the epi pens, the seizure medication, the Prozac, the albuterol inhalers, the rheumatoid arthritis medication, the diabetes medication, that our children are now addicted to for life- all because of these vaccines.

Do Not Despair.
We are going to win this battle.
They cannot stop us now.
We are not going to go away.
This is the biggest battle of our lives.
And we are privileged to be apart of it.

Join us on the front line of something important.
The biggest battle in human history.

The domination of business by government is called communism.

The domination of government by business is called fascism.

And what we’re fighting for are the essential tenets of American democracy, which is free market capitalism. They destroyed the market. There is no free market for the vaccine industry, because they couldn’t sell them. They had to disable the market, and force them against our will. And they’ve taken the institutions of justice, they’ve gotten rid of the 6th and 7th amendment of the constitution which guarantees jury trial.
These private corporations can injure and kill, and we can’t get a jury trial.
They have dismantled all of the institutions of our democracy in order to make this business function. They know that they can not win in debate.
The only way they can win is through censorship and coercion.

Join us.
Stand shoulder to shoulder- with us.
We are going to bring them down.”

Robert F Kennedy. Watch his incredible speech here.


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Protecting Public Health With Mandatory Vaccination
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Protecting Public Health With Mandatory Vaccination
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  1. But CDC and FDA – and of course,the vaccine manufacturers – already know for decades; the TRUTH as you state it. So what?? It has already been long decided that all damning vaccine facts will be denied. And all new vaccine facts will also be denied. Deny Deny Deny. DENY THAT THE WHEEL IS ROUND. Therefore; eventually; “If you tell a lie long enough; it will “become the truth’ “. The only solution: CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE ad infinitum. And home schooling. And move to a “:free” state (impossible for most middle class). RESIST RESIST RESIST.

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