July Fourth Medical Freedom Day

Medical Freedom Day Statue of LibertyJuly 4 Medical Freedom Day  by Jeffrey Dach MD

On this Fourth of July we celebrate our Independence and Freedom from oppression.  The Statue of Liberty is a stirring reminder of the price our founders paid so we could live in freedom.  However, our right to medical freedom is in danger, not from an outside enemy, but from one inside our own country, a form of “organized crime” , our very own drug industry (Big-Pharma).

Eliminating Vaccine Exemptions Strips Away Your Constitutional Right to Medical Freedom.

Your medical freedoms are being stripped away by “Pharma-Driven” legislation which eliminates vaccine exemptions.  By eliminating vaccine exemptions we remove the individual right to make medical decisions for ourselves and our families.  These rights are protected by the constitution, yet they are stripped away in states like California and New York where a corrupt political process is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry that manufactures a liability free vaccine product, with safety testing that omits inert placebo.  How is this possible without the consent of the people?   This is made possible by silence.  It is time to raise your voices, stand up and be counted as a force for freedom against medical tyranny.  Above image of Stature of Liberty, Courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

The New York State has just eliminated the vaccine religious exemption. California State eliminated their religious exemption a few years ago, and is now going after the remaining medical exemption.  California and New York are heavily liberal democrat states which have legislative bodies packed with liberal democrats.   After receiving legal bribes in the form of massive campaign funding from the pharmaceutical industry, these corrupt politicians are working hand in glove with the drug industry.

Republican States are Pushing Back

In Republican states, on the other hand, Republican dominated legislative bodies are standing up and opposing the drug industries’ attempts to pass legislation which strips away medical freedom,  protecting rather than eliminating your constitutional rights and medical freedoms.

Defend Your Rights: – Informed Father Luke Smith-Anderson

Marlene Parks Opinion Piece in the Cortland Standard

marlene Parks_cortland Standard opinion_vaccine_2019

Largest rabbinical college in the nation takes a stand on religious freedom , urges New Jersey to preserve religious exemption:  Dr. Shannon Kroner, the Medium, December 2019

Join the medical freedom movement at:

Childrens Health Defense Robert F Kennedy Jr

Del Bigtree and the HighWire

ICAN Informed consent Action Network

Barbara Loe Fisher the Vaccine Reaction

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July Fourth Medical Freedom Day
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July Fourth Medical Freedom Day
Your medical freedoms are in danger. Stand up and speak out to protect medical and religious vaccine exemptions.
Jeffrey Dach MD
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