0micron Has Mutated Into a Milder Disease

Omicron Has Mutated Into a Milder Disease by Jeffrey Dach MD

In the below 3 minute video interview Robert Malone MD discusses Omicron variant with Laura Ingraham of Fox News.  The good news is the Omicron has mutated into a milder form of disease which limits itself to the upper respiratory system, the nose and throat (nasopharynx), while sparing the lungs.  Dr. Malone even comments on how this new variant resembles a “live attenuated vaccine”, and considers Omicron a “Christmas Present”.   This means that once recovered from Omicron, one can attain natural immunity with a mild form of disease, similar to a hypothetical “live attenuated” vaccine developed in the lab.

Header image : EM of coronavirus courtesy of wikimedia commons.

Regarding mortality numbers globally from Omicron, Dr Malone is aware of only 10 deaths globally, to his knowledge, indicating a very low mortality rate from a relatively benign disease course. At this point in time most people are aware that the Press, Media and Government agencies  have been “fear mongering”.  Any attempts at restrictive lockdowns are completely unjustified.

The bad news is the currently available  mRNA vaccines are completely ineffective for Omicron, as it is highly infectious and “blows right through” two dose and booster doses of the vaccine.

In terms of public health policy, this information renders vaccination mandates and lockdowns an incorrect response to Omicron, since the mRNA vaccines are useless for this variant.  Instead the most logical public health policy is to use Early Treatment therapeutics such as Ivermectin, Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, Fluvoxamine, Budesonide, Aspirin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, Vitamin C etc , and allow the Omicron variant to take its course throughout the population, safely generating natural immunity.  Once enough of the population has natural immunity, then we have reached “herd immunity” and the end of all this madness.

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Why Not Take a Booster Shot?

The alternative, of course, is to take the Booster shot as advised by Rochelle Wolensky, head of the CDC.  According to the drug companies, their preliminary studies show the booster shot when added to the 2 dose regimen mRNA vaccine provides some element of protection from Omicron. What are the adverse side effects of multiple booster doses of mRNA vaccine with uncontrolled production of toxic spike protein ?  Based on historical data in the VAERS system, the huge spike in deaths and disabilities after nRNA vaccination is alarming.  To give you an idea of this, see the articles by Steve Kirsch and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD (20-22)

Ten Week Efficacy of Boosters ?

What is the actual efficacy and durability of the booster against Omicron. We have news releases claiming the boosters are effective for about ten weeks, after which another booster is required.  To those who choose boosters, we wish you well.  For those who choose to take a “live attenuated vaccine”, the Omicron variant, as described by Dr. Malone, either way, we wish you well.

Dr Wolensky, Head of Captured Agency, the CDC

Below video is Dr Rochelle Wolensky, head of CDC advising boosters for Omicron.    No mention of any actual data showing efficacy and durability of booster shots for Omicron.  No mention of early treatment with well known therapeutics. No mention of potential adverse side effects of these mRNA boosters, as suggested by historical VAERS data.  Dr. Wolensky is not allowed to mention any of these topics, because the CDC, like the FDA and NIH are captured regulatory agencies, all captured by the drug industry which make the vaccines.


The Elephant in the Room

According to Steve Kirsch, nine different analysis show the mRNA vaccines kill more people than they save. (20-21) Read his article on the details of the calculations of nine different analyses. Here is a quote from Steve Kirsch:

Nobody in Congress (or the mainstream media) seems troubled by the fact that the vaccines kill more people than they save.(21)

Autopsy Studies

Autopsy studies on 15 people who died after mRNA vaccination performed by Dr Bhakdi and Burkhardt explains mechanism of death:  Auto-immune infiltration of organs and vessels by T-lymphocytes (Killer t cells) reacting to the spike protein. (22)   Above left image: Red arrows show  perivascular lymphatic infiltration courtesy of Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination Dec 15, 2021

The authors, Sucharit Bhakdi, MD and Arne Burkhardt, MD write:

Conclusion: Histopathologic analysis show clear evidence of vaccine-induced autoimmune-like pathology in multiple organs. That myriad adverse events deriving from such auto-attack processes must be expected to very frequently occur in all individuals, particularly following booster injections, is self-evident. (22)

Autopsy studies are the gold standard when it comes to scientific evidence, and this evidence is irrefutable.  Are you still enthusiastic about mRNA vaccines?

A Major Transformation into Briefer Milder Illness

What I am seeing in Omicron patients in the community and in my medical practice mirrors the comments of Dr Peter McCullough who writes:

It has become clear to clinicians all around the world that the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 illness have made a major transformation into a briefer and milder syndrome without serious pulmonary involvement. This is the Omicron variant which has broken through all forms of natural and vaccine immunity.  There has been a giant surge in cases….it has edged out Delta as the predominant variant. This means for most; there will be a viral malaise and possibly mild nasal congestion for 1-3 days and then resolution. Many have said the Omicron syndrome feels like a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot in the first few days, raising the analogy of “mother nature’s COVID-19 immunity booster.”  End Quote Emphasis mine (25)


Yes, I have predicted the end of the COVID Pandemic at the end of each Wave.  Obviously these previous predictions have been wrong.  Perhaps this was wishful thinking.  However, Omicron is different. This is the first time we see a highly attenuated, highly contagious virus with many of the features of the common cold.  This is spreading at a rapid rate throughout the population regardless of vaccination or immune status, providing an immune boost (I call this natural immunity) to the population.  The Population will then be immune to any further variants. Or perhaps, as in the common cold, there will be seasonal variants of the common cold,  nothing to worry about.  In other words, the weaponized bioengineered coronavirus from Wuhan has mutated back into a harmless cold virus just like the original corona virus, similar to an attenuated vaccine conferring natural immunity on to the population. Folks, this is the definition of “herd immunity”.  In my opinion this REALLY IS THE END of the COVID Pandemic !!

However, for our beloved clowns in the government, the NIH, CDC and FDA, this will be dragged out as long as possible, pushing their ridiculous vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports.  The bottom dwelling lowlifes in the main stream media will continue to peddle their fear porn.  They will never admit this has ended, until they are dragged out kicking and screaming and forced to admit it.  People are finally waking up. Never underestimate the power of the people to wake up from the Mass Formation Psychosis and take back what is theirs.  Watch out for the fireworks when the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Happy New Year !


Gert Van Den Bosch speaks:

Leave people alone and let the Omicron virus spread. We should not have any vaccination against omicron.

Second call to WHO: Please, don’t vaccinate against Omicron.
Voice for Science and Solidarity Published December 24, 2021 Gert Van Den Bosch

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Header image : EM of coronavirus courtesy of wikimedia commons.

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