Vaccinoffee, A \/@ccine with Every Coffee

Vaccinoffee, A \/@ccine with Every Coffee

In the year 2027, a string of coffee shops in New York City became wildly successful after offering a vaccination with every double expresso.  Years ago, the Covid vaccine passed into extinction along with all the old viruses.  Instead, we now have new viruses, 365 of them, and the drug industry has invented 365 new vaccines for various scary diseases hyped incessantly in the media. (9)  And in order to maintain a valid vaccine passport, one must receive a different vaccination each day for 365 days.  How convenient can this be? The waitress jabs your arm as she brings your morning coffee.  Started by a 22 year old college drop out entrepreneur, named Seymour Smucklinberger, his brainstorm was called ” Vaccinoffee”.  After going nation wide, the business was acquired in a leveraged buy out by Amazon making Seymour the youngest billionaire in New Jersey.

PCR Virus Testing at Every Corner

Once acquired by Amazon, the Vaccinoffee coffee shops expanded further, now offering PCR testing and antibody testing for the 365 new viral diseases.  A large machine at the front of the store validated your Vaccine Passport, and at the same time, video cameras used facial recognition software to alert local police of your location, should you have any outstanding “violations”.

Safe and Effective

The 365 vaccines were incredibly safe, and no adverse reactions were ever recorded.  Heart attacks and strokes in the patrons were quite common in the Vaccinoffee shops, not causally related to the vaccine of course, explained as merely a coincidence.

Rebellion is Futile, How to Run a Sting Operation

Left image: Citizens enjoying the opportunity of showing their vaccination passports to the authorities at random inspection points.

In 2028, a rebel leader by the name of William Ashbury along with a large following on social media denounced the 365 vaccination program as a fraudulent program to enslave the population, and large unruly mobs of rebellious citizens rioted in every major city targeting the Vaccinoffee shops.  Thousands were arrested and held in prison indefinitely.   It was somehow leaked that William Ashbury was an FBV operative, and the leader of an FBV Sting Operation.  (FBV= Federal Bureau of Vaccination)  In retrospect, this explained why the Ashbury was never arrested, searched or indicted for any crimes.  Thus we learned the lesson that any rebellion is futile.

A Vaccine in Every Box

The next great billionaire enterpreneur made his fortune by selling breakfast cereal with a ready to use vaccine in each box, calling them Cheery-Vax and Wheaty-Vax.  Not to be out-done, fast food franchises added vaccines to each menu item, thus the Double Cheeseburger-Vax was born.  It was not uncommon for every citizen to have a vaccine with every meal, breakfast lunch and dinner, organic of course.

Vaccine Virtue Breaks

It seems there just wasn’t enough time to get the daily vaccine, and also attend the mandatory “Vaccine Virtue Breaks” twice a day, either at work or at home, discussing the virtues of vaccines.  All employers were mandated to have “Vaccine Virtue Breaks” for the employees.  During this time, people are encouraged to talk among themselves about the wonders of vaccines, the greatest medical achievement of all history.  It is not unusual for people to break out in spontaneous expressions of joy and gratitude.  As these emotions are intense, many begin crying, and take up collection plates for the less fortunate.

Entertainment During a Vaccine Virtue Break in the Year 2027

The New Religion of Vaccinology in the year 2027

In 2027, all churches are closed, and the new religion of vaccinology replaces all others.  The vaccine comes directly from God, and we are all apostles with a mission !!!

Apostles Go Out and Convert the Unvaccinated in the year 2027

A young unvaccinated woman is converted by an Apostle in Australia …

The Extinction of the Unvaccinated

The unvaccinated person is a rare bird indeed having been stamped out by various mandatory measures in the year 2027 requiring a vaccine passport to get a job, buy groceries, buy gas, own real estate, engage in banking, etc.  The only unvaccinated people to be found are in the homeless on skid row, considered repulsive and full of contagious dieases.  Any contact with one of these skid row unvaccinated people is considered a health emergency reported to the “Vaccine Police” who then “contact trace” these unvaccinated homeless people who are then rounded up and placed into “quarantine camps”  Surveillance cameras are everywhere, and facial recognition software and GPS tracking is useful here.  In the year 2027, the average citizen is happy with this new world of Vaccinoffee shops, Vaccine Passports, Vaccine Virtue Breaks and Quarantine Camps, and wondered why people didn’t always do it this way?

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This has been a science fiction essay in the future year 2027.  any resemblance to people, things or events is purely a coincidence and unintentional.  This fictional essay by the author and is copyrighted 2021 and is protected as Free Speech by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution (if we still have one).

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More Science Fiction from Rutgers?

I bring your attention to a recent letter published in PNAS by Emanuel Goldman, Dept of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, New Jersey Medical School, Rutgers. (5)

In this letter, the esteemed Dr. Goldman makes a number of false assertions and cleverly deceptive omissions to make the argument that the vaccinated are a breeding ground for mutant variants and are therefore a threat to the vaccinated. Dr Goldman’s Solution of course:: We need to institute draconian measures to achieve 100% vaccine compliance with vaccine mandates, of course. There is nothing like a totalitarian government to save us from ourselves.

Darwinian Evolution Turned Upside Down

Number one, Darwin would turn over in his grave if he could see his beloved teachings turned upside down by Dr Goldman’s erudite piece.  The well known medical example of “Darwinian Evolution” is selection pressure produced by antibiotics creating antibiotic resistant superbugs such as MERSA.  Farmers are familiar with their version of selection pressure when they over use weed killer chemicals on their crops.  The next year, farmers discover they have created resistant super weeds immune to the weed killer chemicals.

Dr. Goldman has turned the tables on this argument. Up is down and down is up. Black is white and white is black.  His argument in the vaccinated is the reverse of Darwin’s teachings, analogous to arguing that normal healthy people not using antibiotics are a threat to antibiotic users because healthy people, not using antibiotics are magically creating the super bug variants.

Likewise for the farmers example, Dr. Goldman’s argument turns that one on its head as well.  The next farm over, with pristine acres of corn and soybean fields, not treated with massive doses of weed killers are somehow magically creating the weed killer resistant super weeds, not the next door farm which uses massive doses of weed killers on the crops.

This Argument is Complete Rubbish

Of course, it is clear for all to see that Dr Goldman’s argument is complete rubbish.  This is so far off from real science as to suggest that perhaps there is a political agenda at work here?  In reality, vaccines produce selection pressure on viruses causing evolution of mutant viral strains, similar to the selection pressure induced by antibiotics on bacteria.  This is especially true for RNA viruses such as COVID, influenza, RSV, Dengue etc. which naturally have a very high mutation rate.

Michiel Niesen Study

This is confirmed by Michiel Niesen et al (2021) who did COVID virus whole genome sequencing in vaccinated “breakthrough” infections as well as unvaccinated infections confirming a striking reduction in diversity in the virus variations  in the vaccinated patients.  In other words, in the vaccinated, the vaccine is producing selection pressure creating a narrow range of vaccine resistant variants which are causing the breakthrough infections.  While in the vaccinated patients, more diversity in variants were found indicating lack of selection pressure.

The Rubbish Gets Worse

Intertwined with all the fake science about how vaccines prevent vaccine resistant variants, rather than create them, Dr Goldman manages to give us a glimmer of truth in his piece, informing us those who have contracted and recovered from Covid are now immune to the virus, “therefore be the equivalent of vaccinated“.  I would add here that Dr. Goldman is neglecting to mention the Israeli data which shows waning immunity from the vaccine after about 6 months necessitating a booster dose every 6 months, forever.  A study by Gazit in Israel quoted in Bloomberg News compares immunity in the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated Covid recovered showing superior and more durable immunity in the Covid recovered compared to vaccine.  Here is a quote from the esteemed Dr Goldman’s piece:

“The unvaccinated will either get sick and survive, and therefore be the equivalent of vaccinated, or they will die and therefore be removed as breeding grounds for the virus….Vaccinations offer a much more humane response to prevent spread of this disease. The path forward is in the hands of the unvaccinated, and in the political will of the authorities…in 1665, during the Black Death plague, “to prevent the disease spreading, a victim was locked in their house with their entire family, condemning them all to death” End Quote (5)

Four Convenient Omissions

Dr. Goldman conveniently omits three important things.

1) for people under age 50, the IFR infection fatality rate is (CDC data) .005 meaning a 99.5% survival rate, not the 20-30% mortality of the Black Death. Of course, for Children aged 0-19 who have an infinitesimally small IFR of 0.00003 (99.997% survival CDC data) which means statistically speaking, they are at no risk from COVID, and develop robust immunity to the virus very promptly, similar to the immunity seen from other childhood  viruses.  No mention of children in Dr Goldman’s piece.

2) The second thing omitted is that we now have modern medicine with its many anti-viral drugs such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Anti-inflammatory drugs, and anti-thrombotic drugs all used for Early Treatment of Covid-19, resulting in a 80-90 per cent reduction in hospitalization and mortality from COVID infection.  We have Vitamin D and Zinc, deficiencies of which are known to be risk factors for severe outcomes from Covid.

This Early treatment converts the viral infection into a much lower infection fatality rate of .0005 ( 99.95% survival) for the under 50.  For the Elderly, Early treatment is equally beneficial although this group remains at higher risk because of underlying medical conditions.

3) The third thing omitted from Dr Goldman’s erudite piece is the risk of severe adverse effects from the vaccines, a point made by Dr Bart Classen.(1)

Increased morbidity and mortality of the vaccines exceeds that of the virus especially when considers the availability of “Early Treatment” as promoted by Pierre Kory, Paul Marek and Peter McCullough MDs.  Unless, of course, the authorities may use their illegal totalitarian powers to ban the use of early treatment drugs such as was seen with HCQ and IVM.  To the extent this has been done, this is a criminal act of malfeasance. The responsible government officials obstructing Early Treatment medications should be held accountable and brought to justice.

Leaky Vaccines with Reduced Efficacy and Increasing Adverse Effects

The Fourth thing of course is the vaccine is “leaky” meaning is does not prevent infection and transmission of the virus in the vaccinated.  Israeli data shows even though 80 % of the population has been vaccinated., the highest case rate ever has been achieved. Does this sound like the  vaccine is working?  At this same time, Israeli government data is showing 60 % of Covid Patients hospitalized are fully vaccinated. US CDC data shows thousands of vaccinated people have been hospitalized and about 20% of those have died from COVID.  Vaers Data shows 14,000 deaths reported after the vaccine, 8% of which in the first week after the vaccine.  OF course, the vaccine manufacturers have no liability for any of these injuries, having been granted immunity (no pun intended)  by an act of Congress in 1986.

Conclusion: Science fiction exists in many forms. Lately it has been infiltrating our COVID medical literature, obviously serving some kind of political agenda.

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