Vaccine Injury Epidemic VIE Event Washington DC Nov 14, 2019

Vaccine Injury Epidemic VIE Event Washington D.C. Nov 14, 2019

Our broken vaccine system is creating a massive vaccine injury epidemic, the greatest tragedy of modern history.  The VIE Event in Washington DC, Nov. 2019, features some of the luminaries of the vaccine safety movement.   This event is only one of many pushing back against the medical tyranny of the pharmaceutical industry in bed with the government.  This is a video recording of the entire 4 hour VIE program. I suggest you watch it in short 30 min segments during your free time.

VIE Speaker List:

Hillary Simpson
Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC
Del BigTree, Informed Consent Action Network
James Lyons Weiler, PhD, IPAK
Mary Holland ESQ, NYU School of Law
Dr Bob Sears MD, Pediatrician
Rep Heidi Sampson Republican Maine 21st District
Dr Jim Meehan MD
Dr Sherri TenPenny DO
Sen. Robert Foley R. Maine District 34
Dr Shiva Ayyadurai PhD, MIT
Mark Blaxill, Chairman Canary Party
Kari Bundy, Son Died After Vaccination
Andrew Wakefield, MD Gasteroenterologist
Robert F Kennedy Jr, Children’s Health Defense
Ameer Hamideh, Special Needs Child
Kevin Barry, Esq. First Freedoms
Messianic Rabbi Henry Morse, Shofar Blowing Demo
Father Michael Copenhagen
Charmaine Rusin, Religious Leader

Dr Peter Aaby – DPT Vaccine Associated with 5-10 Fold increase in Mortality

Peter Aaby at the Symposium about Scientific Freedom, Copenhagen, 9 March 2019. Published study of Vaccinated vs. Un-vaccinated children shows the DPT vaccine causes a 5 to 10-fold increase in mortality.(1-3)

Conclusion: Our broken vaccine system is creating a massive vaccine injury epidemic, the greatest tragedy of modern history.  In peer reviewed published study, Dr Aaby shows the DPT Vaccine is associated with a 5-10 fold increase in mortality compared to the unvaccinated. (1-3)

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1) Mogensen, Søren Wengel, et al. “The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment.” (2017).

Among 3–5-month-old children, having received DTP (± OPV) was associated with a mortality hazard ratio (HR) of 5.00 (95% CI 1.53–16.3) compared with not-yet-DTP-vaccinated children. Differences in background factors did not explain the effect. The negative effect was particularly strong for children who had received DTP-only and no OPV (HR = 10.0 (2.61–38.6)). All-cause infant mortality after 3 months of age increased after the introduction of these vaccines (HR = 2.12 (1.07–4.19)).

2) DTP Vaccine Increases Mortality 5-Fold, In Study Without Healthy User Bias

3) April 24, 2017 DTP Vaccine Increases Mortality in Young Infants 5 to 10-Fold Compared to Unvaccinated Infants

4) Thysen, Sanne M., et al. “Out-of-sequence DTP and measles vaccinations and child mortality in Guinea-Bissau: a reanalysis.” BMJ open 9.9 (2019): e024893.

5) Aaby, Peter, et al. “Evidence of Increase in Mortality After the Introduction of Diphtheria–Tetanus–Pertussis Vaccine to Children Aged 6–35 Months in Guinea-Bissau: A Time for Reflection?.” Frontiers in public health 6 (2018): 79.

Although having better nutritional status and being protected against three infections, 6–35 months old DTP-vaccinated children tended to have higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated children. All studies of the introduction of DTP have found increased overall mortality.

Link to Dr Aaby’s Publications on PubMed

VIE Event Video Recording Courtesy of  ICAN.
Header Image Courtesy of CrazyMothers and Renegrade Tribune

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