How to Avoid Heart Disease Interview with Jay Campbell

How to Avoid Coronary Calcification Heart Disease with Jeffrey Dach MD, and TOT Revolution Jay Campbell

I was pleased and honored to accept Jay Campbell’s invitation for a video interview.  Here is the video Interview (above) with the two of us  discussing a range of topics including my recent book, Heart Book, on coronary calcium score and heart disease, the use of Clomid for low testosterone, and the topic of va((i-nation .

Below: These are Jay’s notes posted on You Tube with the Interview

Infection in the body leads to calcification, which eventually leads to heart disease. Are there measures we can take to prevent it? What are the common causes of calcification? Do statin medications have any benefits? On this episode, I’m joined by legendary physician, heart disease and testosterone expert, and author, Dr. Jeffrey Dach. He shares his insights on calcification, and the attack on our biological systems.

Three Takeaways

1) The two common causes of calcification are a leaky gut and dental disease.

2) In order to move medicine forward, we need disruptive science; studies which cause paradigm shifts of established patterns and economic interrupt patterns.

3) The benefits of statin drugs are not lowering cholesterol, they are actually pleiotropic effects which include the reduction of inflammation.

Guest Bio –  Dr. Jeffrey is a Specialty Board Certified in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and has 25 years experience serving the Memorial Healthcare System in Hollywood, Florida, with Radiology Associates of Hollywood. He is also the author of The Heart Book. For more information, visit

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How to Avoid Heart Disease Interview with Jay Campbell
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How to Avoid Heart Disease Interview with Jay Campbell
How to Avoid Heart Disease Interview with Jay Campbell
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