Explaining Damar Hamlin Cardiac Arrest on Field

Explaining Damar Hamlin Cardiac Arrest on Field by Jeffrey Dach MD

Over 38 years (1966-2004), 1101 athletes under age 35 died due to heart related conditions. This is 29 deaths per year.  Half ( 50%)  had congenital anatomic heart disease or cardiomyopathies, and 10 per cent atherosclerotic vascular disease early onset.

Since introduction of COvid-19 vaccination in January 2021, athletes have suffered  1598 cardiac arrests and 1101 deaths over the past 2 years (550 deaths per year). This is 550 per year. Before Covid Vaccine, this was 29 per year.

Ninety Five per cent of NFL athletes are fully vaccinated. The  NFL dropped the vaccine mandates in March of 2022.  The NFL received massive government funding to impose the vaccine mandates.  NFL athletes are screened for heart conditions before allowed on the field.

Regarding any athlete suffering a cardiac arrest on the field, the top diagnostic consideration is Covid 19 subclinical myocarditis and a primary cardiac arrest .  Other things have been relatively ruled out now, including commotio cordis.  High levels of adrenalin surge (Catecholamines) triggers an arrythmia, and subsequent cardiac arrest as seen in Hamlin. (1)

Dr Peter McCullough Interview (below) with Del Bigtree on The HighWire explains adrenalin surge on field plus underlying myocarditis caused by spike protein equals cardiac arrest.

The Covid Vaccine contains mRNA which programs our cells to manufacture the spike protein associated with the Covid-19 viral genome.  The spike protein is a foreign protein which induces an inflammatory reaction in the heart muscle.(7-9)

mRNA  has been found to circulate and may be found in other organ systems, such as brain, ovaries etc. which will then create similar inflammatory reactions.(7-9)

Conclusion: The FDA has openly admitted that Myocarditis is an adverse effect of Covid Vaccine which programs our cells to make spike protein. (5) In Dr McCullough;s opinion, Adrenalin surge with subclinical myocarditis caused by spike protein is the most likely cause of cardiac arrest among NFL athletes on the playing field.(1-13)


Medical Coincidence ??


Of course we all know that what happened to Damar Hamlin was only a medical coincidence….

JAN.15, 2023 Maria Zeee – Dr. Peter McCullough – Sudden Deaths & Cardiac Events in Athletes


1/11/2023 Peter McCullough, MD, MPH on the Ingraham Angle

Discussion of Damar Hamlin and other athletes collapsing on playing field


January 30th, 2023. MIT Professor on drug safety analytics Retsef Levi calls for immediate suspension of all Covid mRNA vaccines, citing myocarditis and sudden death in young people….


Update Jan 8, 2023: Movie: Died Suddenly

Well done documentary explains what has been happening.

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3) Peter McCullough Tweet

Dr. Panagis Polykretis, Florence, Italy, presents a clear understanding that the foreign genetic code and the presentation of the Spike protein and its fragments ignites autoimmune attack and cellular destruction of normal cells within the human body. He is dead certain!

5) FDA adds a warning to Covid-19 vaccines about risk of heart inflammation By Lauren Mascarenhas Updated Sat June 26, 2021


6) Attack from within After COVID-19 Vaccination

With the genetic vaccines, particularly mRNA, for the first-time human cells are forced to produce a highly abnormal, pathogenic Spike protein. The body reacts to this almost immediately with an attack on any cell that has taken up mRNA and expressing the Spike protein. Dr. Panagis Polykretis explains that every human cell, tissue, organ, and body that has taken a COVID-19 vaccine has been damaged…

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In four patients who received a mRNA vaccination, we identified acute (epi-)myocarditis without detection of another significant disease or health constellation that may have caused an unexpected death. Histology showed patchy interstitial myocardial T-lymphocytic infiltration, predominantly of the CD4 positive subset, associated with mild myocyte damage. Overall, autopsy findings indicated death due to acute arrhythmogenic cardiac failure. Thus, myocarditis can be a potentially lethal complication following mRNA-based anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

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