New Statin Guidelines, Not Everyone is Enthusiastic

Heart DiseaseNew Statin Guidelines, Not Everyone is Enthusiastic by Jeffrey Dach MD

On Tuesday, The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology changed the guidelines giving even more people statin drugs.  The new Guidelines increases the number of healthy people to be placed on statins by 70%..(1)

OpEd in the New York TImes

Two highly respected MDs, John Abramson and Rita Redberg have been critical of statin drugs for years. Yesterday they published an Op Ed in the New York Times skeptical of the new Guidelines .  For one thing,  the doctors on the committee had conflicts of interest.  For a second thing, the New Guidelines are not based on objective data.

 tablets heart attacksConflict of Interest  in the Committee

Once again we have a committee of doctors creating guidelines to benefit their benefactors, the drug industry:  Here is a quote from Abramson and Redberg in the New Yoirk Times:

“The group that wrote the recommendations was not sufficiently free of conflicts of interest; several of the experts on the panel have recent or current financial ties to drug makers. In addition, both the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, while nonprofit entities, are heavily supported by drug companies.”(1)

Another Problem – Guidelines Are Not Supported by Adequate Data

Drs Abramson and Redberg go on to say the new guidelines are not supported by objective data. This is a mind boggling statement,  and that patients should be skeptical of the new guidelines.

Here is the quote:

“We believe that the new guidelines are not adequately supported by objective data, and that statins should not be recommended for this vastly expanded class of healthy Americans. Instead of converting millions of people into statin customers, we should be focusing on the real factors that undeniably reduce the risk of heart disease: healthy diets, exercise and avoiding smoking. Patients should be skeptical about the guidelines, and have a meaningful dialogue with their doctors about statins, including what the evidence does and does not show, before deciding what is best for them.”(1)

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New Statin Guidelines, Not Everyone is Enthusiastic
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New Statin Guidelines, Not Everyone is Enthusiastic
The new Guidelines increases the number of healthy people to be placed on statins by 70%.
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