Donald Trump, Autism, Vaccination and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Donald Trump Robert Kennedy Jr Vaccine Safety Autism

Donald Trump, Autism, Vaccination and Robert Kennedy Jr.

I attended a meeting where the keynote speaker David Katz MD spoke on “Feet, Forks and FIngers” (1)   In short, we are killing ourselves by smoking, eating the wrong foods, and not enough exercise.  Although this message is important, perhaps Dr Katz has been beating this drum too long.  A little variation would keep his audience more engaged.  It occurred to me that other public health issues also deserve attention, such as the increasing prevalence of autism, now one in 68 children.(2)   Upper image Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr courtesy of NBC Connecticut.

Autism, a Public Health Issue

After the talk, we met the speaker at the back of the hall and ask questions.  I approached Dr Katz, introduced myself and asked:

“Wouldn’t you consider increasing autism rate a public health issue?  As a member of the public health academic community, why didn’t you mention the increasing autism rate in your presentation today?   Shouldn’t the public health academics be the ones to answer this?”(3,4)

After an awkward moment of silence, Dr Katz shuffled around and said he really had no answer for my question.   I was not surprised by this, as today’s political climate has forced our public health academics into hiding on this issue.

Enforcing Discipline

Authoritarian rulers typically enforce discipline by making an example of dissenters, who are accused of being “enemies of the state” and summarily executed.  Such an example was made of Dr Andrew Wakefield whose career was destroyed after his research came up with the “wrong findings”.(49)  Perhaps this weighs heavily on the minds of academics thinking of studying autism.

Was IRB Approval Really Needed? – Apparently Not

Another quick word about the Wakefield case: The retracted 1998 Lancet paper’s actual research findings were never in question and have actually been replicated by others in the intervening years.(42)  Nodular hyperplasia and inflammation in the bowel are common finding in autistic kids.   The reason for retraction of the paper and revocation of license was Dr. Wakefield neglected to obtained IRB approval in advance from the hospital ethics committee.   However,  Wakefield’s partner and co-author of the study John Walker-Smith, fought the Medical Board Ruling claiming IRB approval was not needed since the doctor was “simply investigating symptoms to help treat children“.   Dr Smith’s  license was re-instated in 2012, indicating that IRB approval was not required.(42-45)  Wakefield did not appeal, as he did not have the funds to do so.  Since 1998, the original Wakefield Lancet paper has been cited 2,400 times in the medical literature.  Many of the these citing articles confirm that gastointestinal co-morbidities are common in children with autism and other neuro-developmental disorders.

Robert Kennedy Jr Announces

This leads us to the announcement last week by Robert Kennedy Jr  that the president-elect Mr Trump invited him to chair a committee on vaccine safety.  Mr. Kennedy is a known friend of the “anti-vaccination” movement, and a proponent of “vaccine safety” .  This announcement was not taken lightly by Big Pharma promptly firing “warning shots across the bow”,  sending a message to Team Trump that this is out of bounds and they are not happy.  In other words, all hell broke loose in the mainstream media.  The sheer volume and energy of the attack by mainstream media was mind boggling.  Finally, after about a week or so, it was revealed that the whole thing was a big nothing, there was no invitation, merely a conversation about the idea.

Vaccination, Politics and Safety

If a health professional injects a drug into a human, this procedure is governed by federal state and local regulations .  For example, the patient must consent to the procedure, and the injected drug must have FDA approval.  If the drug causes adverse effects as a result of negligence, then the patient has a right to sue the drug maker in court for damages.  However for vaccinations, these rules don’t apply.   Some states are repealing vaccine exemptions making vaccination mandatory, forgetting about the requirement for patient consent.

Vaccine Makers Exempt from Liability

In 1986 the Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act  making the drug makers exempt from liability for their vaccine product.   Instead of suing the drug maker in state court, the aggrieved victim of a vaccine injury must take his or her case to the federal vaccine court.   Any settlements paid out to the victims of vaccine injury are paid by the federal government, not by the vaccine makers.

According to Sharyl Attkisson, from 1998 to 2015 , over 15,916 claims have been filed in federal vaccine court. 4,121 were compensated, 9,904 were dismissed. The total amount paid to victims is approximately $3.1 billion.(4)  The fact that over 3 billion dollars has been paid to victims of vaccine injury suggests there is more work to do if we want safe vaccines.  In other words, there may be safety issues with certain vaccines that are not being fully addressed.

The Science is NOT Settled

All of these media attack articles say the same thing:  “The Science is settled. All vaccines are safe.  There is no connection to autism,”   This is all true as long as one realizes that the science they are all talking about is industry sponsored science.  Researchers are paid to come up with the “correct ” findings for their study.   There is a historical precedent called “tobacco science”.  The tobacco industry claimed that “science has proven cigarettes are healthy and do  not cause cancer.”  We know other wise.  The reality is the industry sponsored science is tainted, and independent researchers live in fear of reprisals for any breach of silence.  This is not a free environment.

Vaccines Should Be Regulated Like Any Other Drug

I agree with Barbara Loe Fisher of the NVIC who says there was a fundamental mistake made by Congress in removing liability from vaccine manufacturers in 1986. (41)  One lawmaker, Jeremy Munson has proposed a resolution to restore liability to Vaccine Manufacturers. (47,48)  Update May 14, 2019: Minnesota Rep. Jeremy Munson Press Conference on Resolution to Restore Liability to Vaccine Makers: watch video here: Removing Pharmaceutical Company Immunity.  (47,48)

Safety Tested and Regulated Same As Any Other Drug

Vaccines should be treated and regulated same as any other drug.  New vaccines should rise or fall with the marketplace and not be falsely subsidized by the federal government.  Some drugs are FDA approved and then later banned when problems are discovered.  Same is true for some vaccines.  By removing liability from the vaccine makers, they have no incentive to make vaccines safe.  And without liability costs,  the vaccines are now more profitable, creating more incentive to make more and more vaccine products, as we have seen over the years.

Some Vaccines Work, Others Are not Worth the Risks

Some drugs are quite effective with few side effects, while others are discarded because they don’t work so well, or they carry horrendous adverse effects .  Same for vaccines.  Some work.  Some don’t and are either not approved or later banned. Examples are the live Sabine polio vaccine  discontinued in the US in 2000 because the vaccine itself was causing VAPP, vaccine associated paralytic  polio.  The Swine flu vaccine was banned in 1976 because of increased Guillan Barre syndrome after vaccination. etc.  The whole cell pertussis vaccine was associated with increased mortality in children receiving the vaccine.(46)  In Sweden, whole cell pertussis vaccination was suspended in 1979, and was  later replaced with a safer acellular Pertussis vaccine.(32-37)  In Japan,   DTP vaccination was banned in 1993 due to safety concerns.(31)(46) A partial listing of discontinued vaccines can be seen here: Discontinued_Vaccines .(28-29)

The Bill Haast Story Immunity from Snake Venom

An example of vaccination that worked is the Bill Haast story.   Suppose you worked in a serpentarium handling venomous snakes. Wouldn’t it be advantageous to have small periodic injections of snake venom so you will eventually be immune to it.?  That is exactly what Bill Haast did.  Bill Haast built up immunity by injecting himself every day for 60 years with venoms from 32 snake species.  (27)  This allowed him to survive 173 poisonous snake bites during his career as a snake handler. (27)  However, just because it worked for Bill Haast, mandatory snake venom vaccination for all school children is obviously not a good idea.

What Will Trump Do Once In Office ?

Will the president elect Mr. Trump stick by his guns on this issue, or will he back down and fold? Exactly how this plays out is anyone’s guess. We will have to wait until after inauguration January 20, and then see what happens after Mr Trump actually takes office.

Update 2017: 500% increased mortality from DTP vaccine (older cellular pertussis type): “Among 3–5-month-old children, having received DTP (± OPV) was associated with a mortality hazard ratio (HR) of 5.00 (95% CI 1.53–16.3) compared with not-yet-DTP-vaccinated children.”  Mogensen, Søren Wengel, et al. “The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment.EBioMedicine 17 (2017): 192-198.

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Jeffrey Dach MD

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7)  Trump team denies skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was asked to head vaccine commission
By Dan Merica, CNN Updated 6:17 PM ET, Tue January 10, 2017
No, Anti-Vaxxer Robert Kennedy Jr. Won’t Be Trump’s ‘Vaccine Czar’
The media should have checked this out before reporting it as fact and even going so far as to call Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a ‘vaccine czar’ without any confirmed details.

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24)  Trump’s Would-Be Vaccine Commissioner Rallies Anti-Vaccine Groups
In an email to anti-vaccine activists, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. urged them to contact Trump, who was “getting massive blowback and waivering [sic].” Activists are “mobilized, energized, and extremely hopeful,” one individual said. posted on Jan. 11, 2017, Azeen Ghorayshi BuzzFeed News Reporter

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who published a controversial book about the preservatives in vaccines being dangerous for children, will chair a commission on vaccine safety. Scientists reject his views.
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A secret of his success was the immunity he had built up by injecting himself every day for more than 60 years with a mix of venoms from 32 snake species. He suspected the inoculations might have explained his extraordinarily good health, but he was reluctant to make that claim, he said, until he reached 100.

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Donald Trump, Autism, Vaccination and Robert Kennedy Jr.
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Donald Trump, Autism, Vaccination and Robert Kennedy Jr.
Donald Trump, Autism, Vaccination and Robert Kennedy Jr.
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  1. Jeffrey,
    This is very important indeed. Not all vaccines are created equal- some are indeed more toxic than others, and many are very questionable. The premise of safety is not thoroughly vetted at all.
    But it is difficult for a liberal leaning scientist like me to connect the dots other that :”tRumps daughter want this cause she has young children?” to any of Mr Trump’s other values: He seems to be a hater of science: witness his absurd statements on climate. So what good will it do if the vaccine issue comes forth but the planet is melting? And people who need real medical help cannot afford it. And the nominee for EPA wants to destroy the environment. I am indeed confused as nothing Trump has said- except on this one issue- has made any sense to me thus far. Oh and General Mattis seems like a decent old Marine, the only person listened to about the senseless nature of torture, ever- then his potential boss changed his ever flexing mind.

    Phyllis J. Bronson, Ph.D.

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