Bioidentical Hormones According to the LA Times

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Bioidentical Hormones According to the LA Times by Jeffrey Dach MD An article on Bioidentical Hormones appeared in the Los Angeles Times written by “The Healthy Skeptic”.(1) The author was a medical journalist with a master’s degree in biology. Sadly, … Continue reading

Bioidentical Hormones Opposed by Endocrine Society

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The Endocrine Society Makes a “Proclamation” The Endocrine Society issued a “scientific statement” advising rank and file physicians to cease and desist prescribing compounded bioidentical hormones to the tune of one billion dollars a year.(1-2) That’s a lot of compounding, … Continue reading

New Study Shows Women Prefer Bioidentical Hormones

A new study  from the  Department of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve examined women’s attitudes about bioidentical hormones for menopausal symptoms.(1) Above left image: Case Western Reserve Campus Courtesy of WIkimedia. How Was the Study Done ? The study was … Continue reading

Testosterone for Dry Eye Syndrome

Testosterone for Dry Eye Syndrome by Jeffrey Dach MD Mrs. B was 58 years old with typical menopausal symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes, and came to see me because of dry itchy, red eyes.  The lids sometimes swell because … Continue reading

More Misinformation on Bioidentical Hormones

More Misinformation on Bioidentical Hormones by Jeffrey Dach MD CBS News says that  Bioidenticals are no safer than other hormone replacement therapy.  This is incorrect, they are actually safer. Recently, CBS News did an interview with Dr. Christina Matera entitled, … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Survivors and Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormones for Breast Cancer Survivors  by Jeffrey Dach MD Thirty Five years ago, surgeon Steven Economou MD asked me, “Does Estrogen cause breast cancer, and does hormone replacement increase cancer recurrence in breast cancer survivors?” We now have the … Continue reading