Bioidentical Hormones Opposed by Endocrine Society

woody allen banasasThe Endocrine Society Makes a “Proclamation”

The Endocrine Society issued a “scientific statement” advising rank and file physicians to cease and desist prescribing compounded bioidentical hormones to the tune of one billion dollars a year.(1-2)

That’s a lot of compounding, and no doubt a big bite out of Big Pharma’s bottom line, I have a better idea, let’s change the name of the Endocrine Society to the Endocrine Nonsense Society. If we were to follow the Endocrine society’s proclamation to its logical conclusion, we would be forced to close down all hospital pharmacies, since they are compounding pharmacies. Nope, I don’t think so. Compounding is here to stay.

Dictator2_underwear_bananasIn most of these Endocrine Society Decrees, subservience to the pharmaceutical industry agenda is not so obvious. This one is very blatant.

This Endocrine Society “Decree” reminds me of a scene in a Woody Allen movie, “Bananas”.   The little island of San Marcos has a new Dictator, and his first proclamation is: “All subjects are to wear their underwear on the outside”. Oh well, Just another day for George Orwell’s “Ministry of Health and Truth”. America, it’s a Great Country..(3)  See video below:

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Bioidentical Hormones Opposed by Endocrine Society
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Bioidentical Hormones Opposed by Endocrine Society
Bioidentical Hormones Opposed by Endocrine Society
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2 thoughts on “Bioidentical Hormones Opposed by Endocrine Society

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  2. I’ve been receiving my bio-identical hormones via the pellet method for about 4 years now. I receive Estrogen ( not sure of dosage of Estrogen) and Testosterone (62.5 testosterone) not sure of the measurement and Progesterone pill (200mg 10 days a month). The pellet is inserted every 4 months. I started out with higher dosage of Testosterone (100), had side effect of hair thinning. Two years ago reduced testosterone dosage to 62.5 and also prescribed Spironolactone (100 mg a day) to strengthen hair follicles. I am now experiencing very series coarse hair. ( I previously had a lot of hair and it wasn’t a coarse texture at all) I’m wondering if the dosages or long term use of my bio-identical hormone pellets may be effect? Thank you for your answer.


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