ADHD Attention Deficit Syndrome Part Two

Attention Deficit Disorder Exposed as Drug Marketing Ploy

ADHD Attention Deficit HyperActivity Syndrome Part Two  by Jeffrey Dach Susan is a 13 year old 8th grader with behavior problems.  Her parents have disciplined her frequently by confiscating her cell phone, restricting her activities, etc. However, none of this … Continue reading

Lithium Orotate NeuroProtection Part Two

Lithium Orotate NeuroProtection Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD In part one, we discussed the differences between lithium carbonate, a prescription psychiatric drug, and a different version called lithium orotate.  Unlike lithium carbonate, the lithium orotate is a safe nutritional … Continue reading

Lithium Orotate the Great Protector

Lithium Orotate, the Great Protector A few years back I learned about Lithium Orotate from Jonathan Wright’s newsletter which disclosed he personally takes lithium for neuro-protection.  I was very impressed by this, so I started lithium myself, and incorporated the … Continue reading

Graves Remission with Iodine Case Report by Jeffrey Dach MD

Graves’ Hyperthyroidism Remission with Iodine Case Report by Jeffrey Dach MD Carol is a 56 year old real estate agent who noticed a feeling of nervousness, warmth and rapid heart rate which worsened over a few days.  Carol called a … Continue reading