Are We All From the Planet Queebler ?

Are We All From the Planet Queebler ?

Thirty years ago, when the kids were little, we took a family vacation through Las Vegas where one night, we all attended a comedy Hypnotist show.  The star Hypnotist invited people from the audience on to the stage, and after they agreed to be hypnotized, performed various bizarre and hilarious routines.  One of these funny hypnosis skits I remember was about the imaginary Planet “Queebler”.

The Planet Queebler Hypnotist Skit

Three random members of the audience are called up to the stage and hypnotized.  The first is hypnotized to believe they are actually an “alien being” from the planet Queebler, and that they speak Qeeblaneese, a weird language which sounds like porpoises making squeaks and clicks.  The second person is told they are the translator.  They have the ability to translate Queeblanese into English.  And the third person is the Journalist who asks questions of the “Alien Being” in English through the interpreter.  The whole thing is hilarious and left us all rolling in the aisles in laughter.

Here is a typical exchange:

Journalist to Translator: What is Health Care like on your planet?
Translator (in Queeblanese to the Alien) : Funny Squeaky Clicky Sounds.  (Bleep Bleep Blap Bloop, etc.)
Alien Being from Planet Queebler (in Queeblanese): Funny Squeaky Clicky Sounds.
Translator to Journalist (in English): Oh, on my planet, we have universal health insurance.

A recent exchange between Ron Paul and Anthony Fauci during a Congressional Hearing reminded me of this Hypnotist Skit from the Planet Queebler.  I will leave it to you to watch the original exchange on CSPAN.

Here is the CSPAN exchange:



Speaking “Queeblaneese” at a Congresional Hearing

What if Rand Paul and Anthony Fauci were from the Planet “Queebler” and had been speaking Queeblaneese ?And what if their Queeblanese had been translated into English by a random 6 year old from the audience?

Here is how the exchange would have gone if they were speaking Queeblaneese translated into English by a 6 Year Old:

Ron Paul (in Queeblanese, then translated in to English by 6 year old):

Dr Fauci, (or should I call you Dr. Evil ? )  why did you fund “Gain of Function” Research at the Wuhan Lab in China with American Tax Dollars in cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party which is directly responsible for creating the COVID-19 virus, an unrestricted bio weapon then unleashed upon the world killing 4 million people ?

Anthony Fauci Reply:

(translated from Queeblanese): Yes, you are absolutely correct, I lied to Congress, and I admit I am guilty of this crime, and I am sorry I killed all those people, and I promise I wont do it again. Thanks for your understanding.  You can bring the hand cuffs now and lead me off to prison. Please don’t call me Dr. Evil, it doesn’t sound good.

Time to Wake Up

And then. at this point,  the hypnotist tells everyone to wake up, leave the stage and return to your seats. I hope you enjoyed the show.

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