Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Civil War in 2033

Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Civil War in 2033

It is the year 2033, the third year of civil war in the United States. It started in a small bar in a town outside of Nashville, when vaccinated citizens pulled out their weapons and started shooting at the unvaccinated bar patrons.  It quickly spread to the Shopping centers, K-Marts and Super-Markets where people donned bullet proof vests and brandished pistols and shotguns.

Casualties quickly exceeded the capacity of the hospital systems, made worse by the practice of both sides raiding the hospital wards searching for “traitors” who were then executed in their hospital beds while connected to life support.

This, of course shut down any business or economic  activity with shortages of all essential goods and services. There was no food, gasoline, electricity, internet, nor cell phone service. Massive riots broke out throughout major cities, emptying stores and gas stations of anything usable. Homeowners sat on their front porch with shot guns protecting their property from the roving bands of thugs.

Initial deployment of Government troops to quell the riots seemed to be working, until the soldiers abandoned their posts and joined the rioters.  The military, Navy and Air Force dissolved and was non-functional.  A few roving bands of US Marines and Special Forces were still operating in the mountains.

In 2034, just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, there were reports of an amphibious landing on the beaches of California by the People Liberation Army (Also known as the Chinese Communist Party).  Poorly organized US military units defending the coastal beaches were quickly neutralized.

The Chinese military quickly took over California and then the rest of the country. The first order of business was confiscation of weapons.  Those who resisted were instantly executed.  Secondly, the new rulers restored the electric power grid, the internet, gasoline distribution, and grocery stores shelves were again fully stocked.  It was uncanny how the Chinese agents knew exactly where to go and how to do all this, almost as if they had been preparing for many years. Some were glad for this and said the new rulers were “saviors”. Things seemed almost back to normal.

Next it was declared that we would have “free elections” at polling centers set up in each county.  People lined up and cast their votes for the candidate of their choice.  It was uncanny, all the elections were won by the same Chinese communist party members, as if the elections had been “rigged” .

It was then mandated that every man women and child would receive 71 vaccinations.  The vaccines were required to validate “Vaccine Passports” which must be displayed to enter a store or business.  One could not participate in society in any way without a valid “vaccine passport”.  What were the adverse effects of this draconian vaccine program? We don’t know, as this information was kept secret and never released.

Then the “re-education” began. Our victors, the Chinese Communist Party, controlled the mass media and the internet. They decided what speech to be allowed and what speech to be censored.  Americans quickly turned on each other, reporting friends and neighbors to the police for “incorrect thinking” or speaking about things that were not allowed, or perhaps secretly plotting to overthrow the new rulers.  These people became “criminals against the state”, promptly arrested by military police and sent to “re-education” camps run by the Chinese Communist Party.

Friends and family members began to “disappear”  into these re-education camps and were never seen or heard from again.  Eventually these would number in the millions.  The remaining people were allowed to live cowering like sheep under constant surveillance in their new police state.  Liberty ? This is a thing of the past, like a dream that has drifted away. Welcome to the “New Normal”.

Authors Note: The above is a fictional story set in the future year 2033.  Any resemblance to people, things, or events in the past, present or future is purely intentional.

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