Green Tea EGCG for Skin Cancer Prevention

hugh-jackmsn_2Green Tea EGCG for Skin Cancer Prevention

by Jeffrey Dach MD

My friend, Jim, showed up with a band-aid on his face.  Oh, he said, “the dermatologist just burned off another small skin cancer”. When Jim ventures outdoors, he avoids the sun and always wears a large hat to protect himself from the Florida sun.  Jim wants to know what he can do to reduce his risk of developing skin cancer.

Above left image: Hugh JAckman after treatment for basal cell cancer on nose.

EGCG from green tea

A supplement from green tea has shown potent anti-cancer activity, including protection from skin cancer (1):

Here is a report from 2011 Advances in Clinical Chemistry: Studies on Tea Polyphenols (1)

The antitumor effects of tea polyphenol and EGCG were discovered from various cancer cell lines, animal models, and clinical studies. For example, in over 20 tumor cell lines, tea polyphenols and EGCG showed significant  antitumor effects.

Tea inhibited carcinogenesis in various animal models bearing lung, skin, esophagus, and liver cancers [6567]. Green tea infusion (e.g., 1.25 g of tea leaves brewed in 100 ml water), as the sole source of fluid intake in A/J mice, significantly decreased (NDEA)-induced lung tumor incidence (by 36–44%) and tumor multiplicity (by 44–60%) [68].

Green Teas Inhibited Growth of Skin Cancer

The inhibition of skin carcinogenesis by tea was also investigated. It was found that oral administration of GTPs reduced UVB-induced skin cancer incidence by 35%, tumor multiplicity by 63%, and tumor growth by 55% [16].

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Resveratrol as Skin Cancer Prevention

A natural supplement from red wine called resveratrol has been shown effective for skin cancer prevention.  In a 2005 study, Dr Aziz says:  “Our study, for the first time, demonstrated that 1) resveratrol imparts strong chemopreventive effects against UVB exposure-mediated skin carcinogenesis (relevant to human skin cancers)”

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Cannabis for Skin Cancer Video: Time lapse photos showing skin cancer on nose responding to topical cannabis oil.

Another Natural treatment from the Eggplant: Curaderm

Watch this time lapse video of a large basal cell cancer of the forehead healing completely after 73 days of Curaderm Application.

Breakthrough Treatment for Skin Cancer, BEC5, by Jeffrey Dach MD – a natural treatment from the eggplant.

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Hugh Jackman Receives Treatment For Second Skin Cancer Diagnosis by Nick Hill | 10 May 2014

Sequence of photos showing complete healing of large basal cell cancer of skin using sodium bicarbonate(baking soda)  and coconut oil.

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Green Tea EGCG for Skin Cancer Prevention
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Green Tea EGCG for Skin Cancer Prevention
My friend, Jim, showed up with a band-aid on his face.  Oh, he said, "the dermatologist just burned off another small skin cancer".
Jeffrey Dach MD
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