Errors in Modern Thyroid Endocrinology

Doctor Taking Bribes Errors in Thyroid Endocrinology

Errors in Modern Thyroid Endocrinology by Jeffrey Dach MD Web Sites like Janie Bowthorpe’s, Stop the Thyroid Madness and Dana Trentini’s, Hypothyroid Mom are very popular for a very good reason.  They identify and alert readers to the errors in … Continue reading

Antonio Bianco TSH Inadequate for Levothyroxine Dosing


Dr Antonio Bianco Rattles Cages in Mainstream Endocrinology Dr Antonio Bianco asks a very important question, “Does a normal serum TSH indicate adequate treatment in patients given levothyroxine (T4-only) medication?” His answer, published in the Oct 2016 Endocrinology and Metabolism, … Continue reading