GMO Food Fight on Senate Floor


GMO Food Fight on Floor of Senate Setting the Record Straight When it comes to debate among members of the Senate, we think of the great orators of antiquity such as Ancient Greece and Rome.  These were the intellectual giants … Continue reading

Dr Mehmet Oz Smear Campaign Back Fires

Dr Mehmet Oz Smear Campaign Back-Fire In round one of the war between Monsanto and Dr OZ, a poisoned pen letter was mailed to Columbia University.  Here is a quote: “We are surprised and dismayed that Columbia University’s College of … Continue reading

Heading Towards Extinction with GMO Food


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Heading Towards Extinction with GMO Food by Jeffrey Dach MD Gary Null has done a great service with his film on GMO Food which brings awareness to the health threats of Genetic Engineered Food, a topic for which the population … Continue reading