Environmental Pollution Found in Newborns

Environmental Pollution Found in Newborns

Is Your Baby Toxic from Environmental Pollution? by Jeffrey Dach MD There is alarming news from the University of California about toxic chemicals in virtually all pregnant women.  Tracey Woodruff found 163 different chemicals in pregnant women including banned Flame … Continue reading

Oprah Winfrey Praises BioIdentical Hormones by Jeffrey Dach MD

Oprah Winfrey Praises  BioIdentical Hormones  by Jeffrey Dach MD.  Oprah wasn’t feeling herself, and her doctors had no answers.  Finally, she found a new doctor and started a Bioidentical Hormone Program, and in less than three days, her menopausal symptoms … Continue reading

New Study Shows Natural Thyroid is Better

New Study Shows Natural Thyroid Better than Synthetic by Jeffrey Dach MD Left image: Man with Hypothyroidism. Left Panel  is before treatment, and Right Panel is after treatment with natural thyroid pills NDT natural desiccated thyroid Photos taken from and … Continue reading

Avoid Soy, the Minefield at the Grocery Store Part Two

Dangers of Soy Infant Formula Jeffrey Dach MD

Avoiding Soy-The Minefield at the Grocery Store, Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD For Part One of this series, click here. Above image: Soy infant feeding formula courtesy of wikimedia commons. A Mysterious Recurrence of Menopausal Symptoms A 55 year … Continue reading