Which Thyroid is Best, Natural, Synthetic or Combination?

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Which Thyroid is Best, Natural, Synthetic or Combination? Susan is a 42 year old Professor of Literature at the local college (left image).  4 years ago, she had thyroid ablation with radioactive iodine for her Graves’ Disease.  Susan now requires … Continue reading

Low Thyroid, Hashimotos and Pregnancy

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Low Thyroid, Hashimotos and Pregnancy by Jeffrey Dach MD Today is a happy day for Susan.  She just delivered a healthy baby girl, and sent me a cute baby photo with a thank you note.  Twelve months before, Susan was … Continue reading

Hypothyroid Risks for Infection

Low Thyroid Condition Predisposes to Death From Infectious Disease The greatest American Endocrinologist, Broda Barnes MD, was an astute clinician who observed the low thyroid condition is associated with  reduced immunity to infectious diseases.  These teachings of Dr Barnes (1906-1988) … Continue reading

Antonio Bianco TSH Inadequate for Levothyroxine Dosing

Dr Antonio Bianco Rattles a Few Cages in Mainstream Endocrinology Dr Antonio Bianco asks a very important question, “Does a normal serum TSH indicate adequate treatment in patients given levothyroxine (T4-only) medication?” His answer, published in the Oct 2016 Endocrinology … Continue reading