Low Testosterone from Pain Pills by Jeffrey Dach MD

Hormone Disruption From Pain Pills

Low Testosterone From Pain Pills by Jeffrey Dach MD Joe has chronic fatigue, weakness, and erectile dysfunction. He was doing well until 10 years ago when he started pain pills after a car accident which left him with chronic back pain.  Left image: … Continue reading

Low Dose Naltrexone Part Four

Low Dose Naltrexone – LDN Part Four by Jeffrey Dach MD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy RSD – and Fibromyalgia Left Image: Bone Scan showing increased uptake left hand, positive for reflex sympathetic dystrophy, courtesy of medscape.com. My previous articles on LDN … Continue reading

Hormone Disruptions from Pain Pills

Drug Addict Injecting Jeffrey Dach MD

Hormone Disruption from Pain Pills – Although quite common, Opioid-induced hormone disruption and androgen deficiency and has gone largely unrecognized by the medical community.  Pain Pills cause low Cortisol and low testosterone.  The drugs inhibit the HPA and inhibit production of … Continue reading