Ten Reasons Why You Have A Low Thyroid Condition

Ten Reasons Why You Have A Low Thyroid Condition  by Jeffrey Dach MD

Susy, a 36 year at stay at home Mom, came to see me because of hair loss, weight gain, chronic fatigue and feeling cold all the time. Suzie’s labs showed typical findings of low thyroid function with elevated TSH and low Free T3 and low FreeT4. I explained to Suzy that she has a low thyroid condition, and will soon feel better with a thyroid pill called Naturethroid (RLC labs). Three weeks later Suzie calls the office to report all of her symptoms have improved, and she is “feeling so much better”.

Low thyroid conditonLow Thyroid Condition is Common

The low thyroid condition is quite common in our population. yet is frequently ignored or missed by our medical system.  How do we recognize the signs and symptoms of a low thyroid condition, so we can determine if we need thyroid medication?


1) Feeling Cold

thermostat_low thyroid conditionI feel cold when other people are warm.  My husband turns the air conditioner on, and I am turning it off.  I wear wool socks on my feet at night to sleep.  My body temperature is always lower than other people.


 2) Chronic Fatigue

Chronic FAtigue Low thyroid ConditionI feel tired all the time, and have no energy like I used to.  I stopped going to the gym because I am so tired all the time.  I take naps during the day.




3) Hair Loss

Hair Loss Low thyroid ConditionMy hair comes out in clumps in the shower, and I am losing more hair every day,   My outer eyebrows are thinning or disappearing.




4) Unexplained Weight Gain:

weight gain low thyroid conditionI eat a very clean diet, yet I keep gaining weight and I can’t seem to lose it, no matter how much I starve myself.



5) Sore muscles,  Aches and Pains.

Sore Muscles Low Thyroid Condition I have slow recovery after my work outs.  After every work out at the gym I have muscle aches and pains that linger for days,   Nothing seems to help.



6) Irregular or Heavy Menstrual Bleeding. 

MOnthly Menstrual Irrefularity Low thyroid conditionMy menstrual cycles were like clockwork every 28 days.   Now, they are irregular with heavy bleeding.





7) Dry Skin

Dry Skin Low thyroid ConditionI have gone through three or four different skin moisturizers, and my skin is still dry all the time.





8) Constipation. Slow Digestion.

constipation_Low thyroid ConditionI have to take a laxative every night because I am always constipated.  Sometimes it can be painful.




9) Depression.

Depression-Low Thyroid CONDITION My doctor offered me an antidepressant pill because I am always depressed and sad.  I have no motivation to do anything.



 10) Brain Fog

Brain Fog_Low thyroid ConditionI can no longer remember people’s names like I used to.  I forget my things like my house keys, and I have to go back for them  I have trouble finding the right word in the middle of a conversation.  I have “brain fog”.

Conclusion:  The low thyroid condition is quite common, and yet frequently ignored by the medical system.  The low thyroid patient must take control and seek out the right doctor who can help.

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Ten Reasons Why You Have A Low Thyroid Condition
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Ten Reasons Why You Have A Low Thyroid Condition
Ten Reasons Why You Have A Low Thyroid Condition
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6 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why You Have A Low Thyroid Condition

  1. Wow, I just found your website and I am so pleased. I suffer with so many “conditions and syndromes” and have been getting worse and added symptoms lately. I will read, read, read, and hope to get an appointment with you. I am praying you take Medicare. I am disabled from RA, DDD, ME/CFS, Fibro, Migraine, and I believe I have POTS and adrenal fatigue — really bad! I am a retired marketing communications specialist and owned a thriving and successful business before I got sick. Now I write articles and do a great deal of research on chronic pain and the diseases it comes from. That’s how I found out that my symptoms match adrenal fatigue to a T. My articles can be found on the National Pain Report .com, and I am a freelancer, but work closely with many websites that address pain.

  2. Forgot to mention I had Histoplasmosis in 1982 and I believe a lot of this is because of that. I had a fairly bad case of it, which shows as calcium in my lungs. I was just never the same after having been sick for six months.

    • Hi Krissy,
      As a radiologist for many years in Chicago, we saw many chest xrays showing typical punctate calcifications from histoplasmosis which is quite common in the midwest.

      thanks for sharing your comment.

      • Yes, very common there. I just found out Thurs mine has reacted in some way after 33 years. She must mean there is “active” fungus? I have to see a Pulmonologist. I’ve known it can cause issues later in life. Wonder what’s up? Also, no thyroid disorder, but my hormones are mixed up and I’m in menopause at 64! I never went through it; I had an early hysterectomy. But I can’t keep weight on — have lost 40 lbs in 3 months and still losing. Other symptoms have the doc concerned about ovarian cancer, so I have to have a contrast CT scan. What can I do? I can’t have HRT because I just got A-Fib too. I’m on Flecainide but can only tolerate a small amount. Heart doc said I will need a pacemaker. I’m falling apart. I just want to feel good. I feel sick all the time and I work so hard on doing everything I can to feel good. I’m not alarmed, but I do have some realistic concerns too. There are so many things I want to go out and do and see. I’m a roadtripper (was) and I’m missing out on my plans, having spent the past two years largely feeling sick. I’m also having panic and anxiety. Arrgghhhh!

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