Health Insurance CEO’s Rewarded for Denying Care

Hemsley United Health Care Annual Compensation SalaryHealth Insurance CEO’s Rewarded for Denying Care

by Jeffrey Dach MD

According to the New York Times, the CEO of United Health care received  total compensation of 135 million dollars over a 8 year period from 1997 to 2005. That is not doing too badly.  It gets better. The CEO of United Healthcare, Mr Hemsley, received another $66.1 million compensation package for the year 2014.  Left Image courtesy of New York Times.

Denying Care to Sick People

This is the reward one can expect for denying care to sick people. This is outrageous.  Why does America allow this?   Every time we pay a monthly premium to the health insurance company, we are funding the exorbitant salaries of the CEO’s.

Heath Insurance is a Criminal Enterprise

Earningd for Health Insurance CEO for Denying careThe “system” is rigged in their favor.  They create the guidelines which deny payment on your medical claims.  It is time we cleaned house and put health insurance criminals in jail.

Above left image courtesy of doctors for single payer.

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Jeffrey Dach MD

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Health Insurance CEO's Rewarded for Denying Care
Article Name
Health Insurance CEO's Rewarded for Denying Care
Health Insurance Companies Make Profits by Denying Health Care to Sick People. Although this is considered criminal behavior in most countries, it is a normal business practice in the US.
Jeffrey Dach MD
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  2. They’ve ALWAYS/historically been rewarded for DENYING healthcare, nothing has change on that matter. My deductible & premium shot through the roof because of obamacare. It’s reportedly going up another 45% this year! When the illegally suspended, until 2016, unless suspended AGAIN, employer mandate is implemented, then the remainder of you will also experience ‘sticker shock.’ Single payer (medicare that’s not truly single payer) (U purchase supplemental ins.) V.A. ‘services’ is a nightmare also. Denied services being the name of the game.

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