HGH Human Growth Hormone Medical Research Studies

HGH Human Growth Hormone Medical Research Studies

Marketing of HGH Human Growth Hormone Medical Research Studies

Marketing of HGH and Testosterone is considered “disease mongering” in a new article by Thomas Perls, gerontologist at Boston University.(1)  Of course, it is.  The pharmaceutical industry typically uses disease mongering as a marketing strategy because it works very well.  They have used it for statin drugs, SSRI antidepressants, ADHD drugs, Restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia drugs, etc.  Dr Perls says these types of direct to consumer TV ads should be banned. I agree completely.  However, I would go further and ban all direct to consumer drug advertising, as has been done in most other civilized countries.

Is Aging A Disease Which Requires Treatment?

How do we define Aging ?  For old friends and family members we haven’t seen in a while, we sometimes say they look like they have “aged”.  They may have have lost some hair, or their hair has turned grey,or they have gained weight, or they have more wrinkles, or they may have lost muscle mass and become frail.  These are the usual signs of aging we see every day.

Medical Definition of Aging

There are more sophisticated measurements of aging obtained with medical testing.  A decline in bone density on DEXA Scans, and loss of brain mass called atrophy on CAT scans are typical of aging.  A decline in hormone levels in women called menopause associated with ovarian failure is universally a sign of aging in women.   A decline in testosterone levels with loss of testicular function in the male counterpart, is also indicative of aging.  Other hormone levels, such as thyroid hormone,  typically decline with age as well. Wouldn’t it be prudent to test hormone levels and if found low, to replenish them to healthy levels?  I think so.

HGH Human Growth Hormone Medical Research StudiesThe War Against Anti-Aging Medicine is Likely to Continue

Should Growth Hormone be included in this list of anti-aging interventions? Some doctors such as Thierry Hertoghe thinks so, as indicated in this letter to JAMA.

Others such as Dr Thomas Perls, professor of gerontology at Boston University may fundamentally disagree.  As Dr. Zs-Nagy has stated in Arch Gerontolontolgy and Geriatrics 2009  ” consensus in anti-aging medical intervention may be an elusive expectation and not a realistic goal.”

As Dr Binstock has suggested, the “war on Anti-Aging Medicine is likely to continue.  This is explored further by Dr Jennifer Fishman in the “curious and contradictory case of anti-aging medicine.”

Degenerative Diseases of Aging – Reversed with Hormone Replacement

A number of degenerative diseases are known to occur in post menopausal women:

1) Osteoarthritis is associated with estrogen deficiency and is reversed by estrogen replacement.

2) Heart disease in women is associated with post-menopausal estrogen deficiency and can be prevented by estrogen replacement therapy.

3) The increased mortality associated with hysterectomy and hormone deficiency can be reversed by hormone replacement.

4) Menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and mood disorder can disrupt normal lifestyle activities and cause impaired quality of life.  These symptoms usually respond to bioidentical hormone replacement.

5) In males, low testosterone is associated with increased mortality.  This can be reversed with testosterone replacement therapy.

6) In aging males, low testosterone can be associated with reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, low motivation, loss of muscle mass, fatigue, and mood disorder with impaired quality of life.  These symptoms usually respond to testosterone replacement with improvement in quality of life.

Gastric Acid Production Declines With Age

In addition to the endocrine organs responsible for hormone production, other organs in the body may fail or gradually decline as we age.  The gastric lining is responsible for gastric acid production.  This may decline as we age, leading to poor digestion and absorption of key nutrients. This is easily treated with digestive aids at the health food store.  Untreated, low gastric acid production or gastric atrophy may lead to a cascade effect with acceleration of the aging process because of the associated nutrient deficiencies.

Aging as a Result of Oxidative Damage

One theory of aging is derived for the fact that our cellular organelles are under constant barrage of damaging products of oxidation which originate as a by-product of routine energy production by mitochondria, or may be associated with the immune system or thyroid gland which create oxidative byproducts to destroy foreign substances or make thyroid hormone.

The seleno-protein repair system is our way of defending against oxidative damage.  What if we have  selenium deficiency, or a genetic defect in our seleno-protein repair system as in the BRCA gene mutation?  Obviously this will result in accelerated aging and various diseases may manifest, such as breast /ovarian cancer in BRCA carriers.  Wouldn’t it be prudent to test for these types of things and correct them?  I think so.

Another theory of aging is the metabolic theory.  Our metabolic processes slow down and fail us.

Below you will find  a compilation of articles on HGH Human Growth hormone, and the Testosterone and  Diagnosis and Treatment of adult human growth hormone deficiency.

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Testosterone therapy: the hormone debate rages on medical news Today

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