Ai Wei Wei Chinese Artist Defiance of Authority

Ai Wei Wei Chinese Artist Defiance of AuthorityFree Ai Wei Wei

I recommend to you a 2012 documentary film called Wei Wei Never Sorry, the story of a dissident Chinese artist whose provocations finally resulted in a series of police beatings and arrests.  One police beating resulted in intra-cranial bleeding which required emergency  neurosurgery in a German hospital.

Although the Chinese government  revoked We Wei’s passport, and imprisoned him for 81 days on trumped up tax evasion charges, Wei-Wei refuses to be silenced.  His art exhibitions are continuing outside of China here in the US.  So, if you have a chance, try to catch an exhibition of his art at your local museum.

Watch Trailer for Sundance Film Documentary on Wei Wei

The full documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry is available on Amazon .

Download Wei Wei Never Sorry from  Netflix.

The Choice to Submit

Ai Wei Wei Chinese Artist Defiance of AuthorityOn a daily basis, Wei-Wei makes a personal decision to defy or submit to unjust authoritarian suppression.  Many others are faced with similar personal decisions. For example, health care professionals in the United States face the decision to submit or to defy authoritarian forces in control of US  health care.  The outcome of this decision determines what type of medicine is practiced at your doctor’s office.

Frontline Video News Report  on Wei Wei xxxxxxxxxx

Who Controls the Health Care Industry ?

The pharmaceuticalAi Wei Wei Chinese Artist Defiance of Authority industry, the health insurance industry, the government agencies and news media control the health care industry in America.  The primary objective of any corporation is to maximize profit. This is true of the Health Care Industry.

Making Profits Off the Backs of Sick People

However, when it comes to health care, there is something very wrong with making profit off the backs of sick people.  The health industry makes a profit by denying health care to sick people. When you ask your health insurance company to pay for your heaAi Wei Wei Chinese Artist Defiance of Authoritylth care bill, a lab test, or medical procedure.  What do you find out?  The health insurance company has denied payment because the test or procedure does not meet their “guidelines”.  Who makes up the guidelines ? They do.  It’s a rigged system.  Denying health care to sick people is considered criminal behavior in most other countries.  Here in the US, it’s merely a normal business practice.

Bad Drugs

Ai Wei Wei Steel Bars From Schools Destryed in EarthquakeThe pharmaceutical industry makes a profit by convincing doctors and patients to use  “bad drugs” that don’t work and cause adverse side effects.  The usual corporate methods are applied to health care with deceptive advertising, lies and outright falsehoods, along with complicity of the government regulatory agencies such as the FDA and USDA which have “revolving door” policies with corporate health care.  The television, radio and news media are all under the control of health corporations that pay them well for advertising space.

Submission or Defiance ?

The vast majority oAi Wei Wei Artist Chinesef physicians are submissive, as they fall in line and don’t make waves with the “System”. Yet, a few brave souls don their white coats every day and do battle with this authoritarian medical system in order to provide their patients with the highest level of health care.   This defiance of the authoritarian medical system is a lonely and dangerous task, with great risk in terms of personal and professional cost.  Thanks to Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei for providing a model of defiance against authoritarian government.

Click Here for More You-Tube videos on Wei Wei Never Sorry.

Ai Wei Wei Chinese Artist Passport ReturnedUpdate July 2015: Chinese Government Returns Wei Wei Passport

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Ai Wei Wei Chinese Artist Defiance of Authority
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Wei-Wei makes a personal decision to defy or submit to unjust authoritarian suppression. Similarly, health professionals face the decision to submit or to defy authoritarian forces.
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