Alysa Erwin Cannabis Oil Remission from Malignant Astrocytoma

Alysa erwin MRI Astrocytoma cannabis Alysa Erwin Cannabis Oil Remission from Malignant Astrocytoma

by Jeffrey Dach MD

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Here is the story of a young Michigan teenager,  Alysa Erwin, diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, with MRI documentation,   After she failed conventional treatment and was sent home to die, her family discovered information about cannabis oil.  She began cannabis oil treatment,  after which Alysa experienced a regression of tumor growth and a complete remission.

Unfortunately, the remission was only temporary.  As of April 2014, reports that Alysa Erwin’s tumor has recurred, and links to her web site are no longer functioning.

Listen to Elysa Erwin as she tells her story of overcoming advanced brain cancer using Cannabis Oil. Find out more at her website

Alyssa Erwin MRI Scan 2 The initial MRI scan (left frame at left) shows enhancing tumor in the posterior fossa (red arrows).  (see right frame at left image) The follow up scan after 13 months of treatment with cannabis oil, near the same level, shows complete regression with no enhancement.  The diagnosis was malignant astrocytoma.

Here is a quote from Alysa Erwin’s web page (the site has been discontinued):

“My name is Alysa Erwin.  I am a pretty normal American teenage girl.  I live in Petosky, Michigan.  I love my family.  I passed my drivers education class. I love music.  I love my friends….and I beat terminal brain cancer.  Yes.  You read that right.  I beat terminal brain cancer.  I am here to share my story with the world.

My family was beyond supportive of me when I was going through this ordeal.  I understand what other people are going through when they find out they have cancer.  I was terrified when I found out.  There were times that I thought there was no hope.  Let me assure you there is hope even when you think there is not.  I am living proof that what I am about to share with you is 100% true and I have the medical records from the University of Michigan Medical Center to prove everything I am claiming on this page.

I used the oil extracted from the cannabis (hemp) plant taken orally as my medicine for the treatment of my cancer.  I know it may seem hard to believe but I assure you it is true.  I want other cancer patients to know about this treatment that Rick Simpson discovered in 2004.

Please share my story with your family and friends.  It may save the life of someone you love dearly.  Thanks for taking the time to read this! Alysa Erwin”


At left is the initial MRI scan showing tumor enhancement in the posterior fossa.





The final MRI scan showed the tumor was completely gone. (see below)

Alyssa Erwin_no_cancer_follow_up


Update Nov 1, 2014:

The remission of her tumor as noted on MRI scans was only temporary.  As of April 2014, reports that Alysa Erwin’s tumor has recurred, and links to her web site are no longer functioning.

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To Be Alive  Meet Alysa Erwin, the teen who beat cancer with cannabis  By Randy Robinson April 3, 2014 Culture Magazine
What if Cannabis Oil Cured Cancer?
As more stories like Alysa Erwin’s become known, maybe medicinal marijuana will finally become formal protocol.

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