Twenty Five Things About Natural Medicine

Counting_Hands_AARCounting Twenty Five Things About Natural Medicine 

by Jeffrey Dach MD

1)     We all need extra vitamin C because of a genetic mutation in the GLO gene in human ancestry 40 million years ago.  Animals have a working copy of the gene, and make their own vitamin C from Glucose.  We cannot.


2)     After age 50 vitamin b12 absorption declines, and we all need b12 supplements, according to the USDA government agency.


3)     After age 50 hormone levels decline, and we need supplemental hormones to turn on protein synthesis and prevent  the degenerative diseases of aging.


4)     There is an epidemic of low thyroid in the population that is unrecognized and untreated because of slavish reliance on lab testing such as the TSH which is unreliable.


5)     Heart disease can be prevented and reversed with a simple supplement program proposed by Linus Pauling which contains Vitamin C, Lysine , Proline and Tocotrienol form of Vitamin E.


6)     Remissions for Crohn’s and Multiple Sclerosis can be obtained with LDN – Low Dose Naltrexone, a safe and inexpensive FDA approved capsule taken before sleep at night.


7)     Iodine supplementation reverses fibrocystic breast disease and prevents breast cancer.  This is the same iodine that was added to table salt in 1924.


8)     Osteoporosis drugs such as Actonel and Fosamax actually make the bones weaker and more prone to spontaneous fracture.  These drugs should be banned.


9)    Magnesium deficiency is rampant and accounts for most of the cases of night leg cramping.


10) SSRI antidepressants are no better than placebo in 57% of the drug trials, and SSRIs increase suicide rate at least double over the placebo group.


11) Chemically altered synthetic hormones are monster hormones that should never have been approved or marketed to the American People.


12) Because of rampant corruption, the FDA is unable to protect the American Public from bad drugs like Vioxx.


13)   There is still a raging controversy in medical studies over whether screening mammography reduces mortality from breast cancer.  If the study originates in the US with a 4 billion dollar mammography industry, then it does.  If the study originates in Canada or Scandinavia which has universal health care, then it does not.


14)   PCOS PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome is commonly treated with Birth Control Pills.  This is incorrect and wrong and instead should be treated with cyclic natural progesterone.


15)   SSRI antidepressants are commonly given for PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).  This is wrong and instead should be treated with natural progesterone.


16)   Vitamin D supplementation is epidemic, and commonly used amounts of Vitamin D supplementation reduces overall mortality by 10%.  MS is strongly associated with Vitamin D deficiency.


17)   Statin drugs have no benefit in terms of all cause mortality for women and the elderly, yet are commonly prescribed to these two groups.


18)   GMO food (genetically modified organism) was wrongly introduced into our food supply without safety testing or labeling. Animal studies show it is harmful, causing infertility and damage to the GI tract.  70 % of soy and corn product at the supermarket are secretly GMO products.


19)   Acne can be reversed and prevented with a combination of two vitamin B5 (pantethine) and L-carnitine which increase fatty acid metabolism and dry up the oily skin.


20)   The Health Insurance Industry purpose and method is the denial of health care to sick people, This entire industry should be eliminated and replaced with a single payer system.


21)   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is easily diagnosed with a salivary cortisol test which is used by NASA to test astronauts on the Space Shuttle, however this test is not accepted by mainstream medicine.


22)   Unrecognized Celiac disease or wheat gluten sensitivity is rampant in the population. This is a genetic disease.  Testing for anti-gliadin antibodies and genetic testing is available and very accurate.  However, this is either ignored or outright rejected by mainstream medicine..


23)   Human bioidentical hormones are safe and beneficial for health when used properly.  Synthetic chemically altered hormones are monsters that cause cancer and heart disease.


24)   The FDA regulatory process and the medical literature is corrupted by corporate drug money, explaining why 20% of all drugs approved are either later banned or receive a black box warning.


25)   Androgen blockade which reduces testosterone levels carries a 20% increase in mortality.  Low testosterone levels in the male population carry increased risk for heart disease and all cause mortality.  Testosterone supplementation in the aging male in beneficial for the heart, bone density, muscle mass, mood, cognitive function and libido.  Testosterone cream applied to diabetic ulcers on the feet is curative, as it increases blood circulation.

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Twenty Five Things About Natural Medicine
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Twenty Five Things About Natural Medicine
We all need extra vitamin C because of a genetic mutation in the GLO gene in human ancestry 40 million years ago.
Jeffrey Dach MD
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  1. I was interested in your acne treatment and would like to know your recommended dose of B5 and L-carnitine. My 20 year old granddaughter would also be interested as nothing she has been given or done so far has really helped!

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