Disaster Medicine in America

Disaster Medicine in America

Disaster Medicine in America by Jeffrey Dach MD No, I am not referring to heroic doctors who parachute into remote areas to help victims of earthquake disasters. I am talking about the current state of Medicine in America which is … Continue reading

Cannabis Extracts in Medicine by Jeffrey Dach, Elaine Moore, Justin Kander

Announcing a New Book !!¬† Cannabis Extracts in Medicine. We need your help ! Help us by writing a favorable book review on Amazon. The title for our new book: Cannabis Extracts in Medicine: The Promise of Benefits in Seizure … Continue reading

Jeffrey Dach Transition to Natural Medicine Practice

jeffrey dach md

Thanks to Dr. Craig Gustafson and Editor in Chief¬† Andrew W. Campbell, MD of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine for publishing this interview with me, in the September 5 Edition, “Jeffrey Dach, MD: The Transition to a Natural Medicine … Continue reading