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Bioidentical Hormones and Natural Thyroid
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TruMedMD Office

Founded in 2005, the TrueMedMD Clinic in Davie, Florida is one of the largest providers of bioidentical hormones and natural medicine serving the South Florida area.  In addition, many of our patients reside outside Florida in Canada, Europe and South America.  We specialize in providing outpatient clinical medicine for young adults, adults and seniors with emphasis on the use of Natural Medicine and Functional Medicine, using bioidentical hormones, natural thyroid and other natural substances.  We do extensive laboratory testing using the major national labs, Quest and Labcorp, as well as Functional Medicine testing using the Metametrix. Enterolabs and ALCAT labs.

TrueMedMD Clinic Staff

TrueMedMD Office

TrueMedMD Office

Our TrueMedMD Clinic Staff understands the need for consistent care. We treat each patient like family. Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible. Because we are physician owned, we are patient driven. This means that we can focus more on providing excellent care, and less on the bottom line. We are not tied to any large medical corporation or health insurance company.  We do not belong to any health insurance network and remain independent of their influence. We provide effective care that is responsive to the needs of the community. Being physician owned means that our doctors are able to focus on you!

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Jeffrey Dach MD

Although we do offer same-day appointments when available, we encourage making appointments as far in advance as possible. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding scheduling and payment arrangements.

Call for an appointment:

Jeffrey Dach MD
7450 Griffin Road Suite 190
Davie, Florida, 33314
(954) 792-4663


  • Harold Keown

    I really learn from your postings on your website and want to meet you in the future when I am down that way as I have little hope for the American Medical System.

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  • Ana

    I live in NY. On , Long Island desperately seeking a physician specializing in bhrt please I’m begging to find the right dr.

  • jean74

    I imagine it is cost prohibitive for me. Do you know of any doctors or naturopaths in the Salem, Oregon area who are knowledgeable about treating Indolent Lymphoma with natural methods, like the ones you talk about. I was diagnosed over a year ago and chose not to take Rituxan.